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I have experienced three severe panic attacks and lately several minor anxiety attacks. I have found a way to completely get calm myself down and eventually get rid of them. Every time i start to feel anxious, i let my body be aware of what it's feeling and tell myself, 'it's okay, it's normal to feel this way, i am not dying'. Let your body feel what it's feeling and the second you acknowledge that it's normal and okay to feel so, your heart rate calms down and so does your breathing. Don't be afraid of your body! You are in control! Always remind yourself of that. Talk to yourself if you have to.

Good Luck to everyone and i hope my remedy will work for at least one person. It is not easy but you have to take control of YOU!

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it has been years since i have suffered from them. i did the same as you and once i got use to them they never bothered me anymore.


but its not normal. and you shouldnt want to be use to it. i hate it. i need therapy, or have to go to the doctor again


One more piece of advice to sum of everything i've said here to just think positive! It's amazing how you can control your brain/body but just thinking positively. And again......always remember you are in control! i don't believe drugs are the answer.


I've found one more thing that could help it's called 'Rescue Sleep'. I could definitely help with anxiety/panic attacks.
Here's a description of what it is:

When sleeplessness is triggered by repetitive thoughts and stress, two quick sprays to your tongue help calm and quiet your mind, enabling you to sleep naturally and wake refreshed. Rescue Sleep is non-narcotic, non-habit forming, and safe for the whole family.

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Tiffany.. i think?

i was hopped online real quick because i was HAVING a panic attack that i thought i could contol, but instead my symptoms increased RAPIDLY! i read this tip and did as instructed. my panic attack is almost compleatly gone.. instantly! i just hope i can remember to do this the next time im having an attack, seeing as how when i do have them, i can hardly remember my own name!


im only 17 and already expirence these scary symptoms that make me limit my life so much its true its extreamly hard and i too have thoughts as i were going crazy or going to die but as i read your remedie t got to me 'i have to take control of me' thanks for your remedie ill keep it handy


This is good.. When I first starting getting panic attacks I would pace the floor and start freaking out believing I was dying. The best thing to do is, stay calm!! Let time pass.

Try making tea, the process of making tea helps with anxiety as well as drinking it.


I try to say to myself that but my anxiety has as mind of its own and keeps telling me that it will get worse. I try so hard to talk to myself. I get mini panic attacks everyday and I'm only 13. I'll be at school and they make me really dizzy and I feel shaky and very ill. Talking to myself helps me somewhat. Thanks!

eula norcross

i would like more info on panic and anixtey attacks please email at albertnorcross@yahoo .com my name is eula thanks

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