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When my daughter was only 2 months old she got a really bad diaper rash...i mean her little butt was beat red and when i wiped it she mind you this was not from having not been cleaned properly,this was from some unknown i tried the washcloth and just water the cornstarch the laying on the blankie with out a diaper EVERYTHING finally i was at the drugstore one day and i came across this stuff called 'BAG BALM' i was standing there reading it and it said it was used to treat cows uddewrs when they were i thought that if it was used to treat cows udders it could surely treat my little beaner butts tosh (her real name is hannah) and so i got her home and lathered it on real good and continued to do so for the next 4 days and to my surprise it WORKED!so for all of you wondering it is found at any local drugstore.....cvs drugmart...ect.....GOOD LUCK!

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claudia flores

I loved Bag Balm on my daughter but on my son it only made it wordst. so it sure works wonder on some babies and I would recomend it anyone ubt unfortunately it never worked well on my son :(

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