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Eat yogurt. It contains bacteria your stomach is lacking during an upset stomach. My microbiology professor and others have said this and I personally tried it and it works

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i just throw that shit up it doesnt work


i have had bad stomache for ages and i decided to go and look at some remedies and i saw this one i ate a yogurt for breck and pudin and now im healthy and i eat 2 a day from now on and i havent been ill since thank you so much


Thank you! My stomach still hurts, but it's alot better.


This totally worked! My stomach has been killing all day; I've been in and out of the bathroom several times - I had nothing left in my stomach and it was still totally aching! I took some pepto and waited, but it didnt work so i just ate a yogurt and now im drinking some hot tea and i feel a lot better! def recommended


Well velvet,he may be suffering from acid problems if you have seen him drinking lots of pop,coffee,anything with caffene ,I have alos expierienced it myself for the past year.I try to boil some hot water and squeeze a lemon into it stir and drink it,it may be sour but it may work,and try pepto bismol too


felt a little better

Caffiene Addict

So today i had a TON of junk food... i started the day with a bowl of cereal (capn crunch if it makes a diff), then went to the store, picked up a big thing of sour punch straws, 2 vannilla cokes, and a rockstar energy drink. I downed 1 of the cokes and the straws, took a few sips of my rockstar, then left school for our cross country meet. ran, downed the other coke, drank more rockstar, came home, next thing i know, MAJOR STOMACH ACHE!!!! i was litterally in tears... till i puked up my dinner. i thought it was gone, but noooooooo. pain came back. so i jumped on the comp and found this.....

moral of my story is OMG YOGURT IS MIRACLE FOOD!!! I <3 YOGURT!!!! lol


I tried the mustard first. However, it seemed like it only worked for like five minutes. So I tried the yogurt, and it help a lot. I still have some discomfort but it really did help!


If you eat it slowly it lowers the chances of throwing it up. It seems to be working for me so far, I feel a bit better. Now I'm going to drink some hot tea, hopefully all this will stay in my stomach. Thanks!

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