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Eat yogurt. It contains bacteria your stomach is lacking during an upset stomach. My microbiology professor and others have said this and I personally tried it and it works

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I just was up all night with a bad stomache ache as well as a fever. I remembered we had some strawberry yogurt, and I ate a small dish. I feel a lot better. This really does work!


my stomach its been hurting a lot
i havent it tryied this but im going to rite now to see how cures be back w/the results duces

the guy with a bad stomachache.

it didnt work for me!




I puked it up


I read this. Immediately went for my sons go gurts...and within a few stomach feels alot better. Thank you!

Banna Head

I tried this About 3-5 days ago. It only made my stomach Ache HURT SO MUCH WORSE! It may work for some people but not for others. But still Thank You for taking you time out to try to help people. While im on here i will tell you guys or Gals that it did not work for you may be Lack Tose And Tolarent.If you are Simply eat A banna and sit down and think about your smomach ache Getting better and better and it's GONE!

Thanks for the Info,
Banna Head


My husband has a very bad stomach ache at nights every 5 mins. His body is like burning inside and he feels all hot and can't sleep. PLEASE TELL ME IF THIS IS SERIOUS to go to the doctor. It's hard for us, he doesn't want to go to the doctor and doctors here are expensive, what should I do? Is there any good home remedy for this? I'm desperate, it's been 3 months with the same problem, PLEASE ANSWER AS SOON AS POSIBLE.


Take your husband to the doctor. It could be a very serious illness! Paying a little extra will be worth it if you can ease your husband's pain.


Well I was feeling sick and so I ate some yogurt... but I think it was probably already too late at that point. I'm getting the feeling this is more than just a tummy ache...

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