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A combination of medical knowledge and home remedy: the irritation & blistering are the result of the oil from the poison ivy plant binding to the layer of skin exposed -- that's what medical science says and those blisters don't contain any of the irritant, only fluid from your own body like any other blister (think blisters from wearing new shoes). Therefore -- and this is the home remedy part -- what you need to do is get rid of the layer of skin to which the irritant has bonded. Exfloliate! Exfloiate and dry it out! (That's why the sandpaper idea here isn't totally nuts--and why some people cut open the blisters -- because an open wound is less painful and easier to heal than that whole patch of blistered skin sitting there for weeks.) But keep the area clean so you don't get an infection. Rubbing salt on the area will exfoliate the affected skin and dry the blisters. I pour Purell on the blistered area and top it with table salt. Rub vigorously and leave a paste of the same on the area. It's clear within days instead of weeks! And the iching stops right away!

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