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Walgreen's now has teething pellets that dissolve immediately when they are placed in the baby's mouth. A friend of mine recommended long green onions; to cut the green off and to salt the white part and let the baby chew on it....She said it worked great for her babies.

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I have purchased these tablets and they are wonderful! They are 100% natural and a homeopathic remedy. I purchased mine at walmart for $5. I even found colic tablets from the same company. They work GREAT! I used the colic tabs first and when she started teething (4 months old) i knew how well the colic tabs works and knew that the teething tabs are great. I just use 2 and we have relief and a happy baby for 4-5 hours. I figure that it is better to use that than tylenol. i don't want to use too much otc meds on her. but this gets a 10 from me!


I also use these teething tablets. They work great. :)


how does it work ? what does it do ? is it like tylenol?


they have been recalled


I live in Utah and as of right now, the teething tablets are still availabe here. I used them for my children and they were great.


The Hyland teething tablets were voluntary recalled in 2010 buy as of July 14 2011 they were shipped out to retailers but could take up to 4-6 weeks to hit the shelves. Hyland teething tablets work wonders and I'm ecstatic they will be available soon.


I give the same kind of onions to my daughter but I grill them so they can be softer and easier to chew


Please please please NEVER give your baby any salt...their kidneys will not handle the salt. A baby in the U.K died a few years ago after being fed adult baked beans, the salt content shut down baby's kidneys resulting in death.


The recall was not true

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