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I have had psoriasis since i was 3 and am now 22. We have tryed almose everything to help it. But i found that eucalyptus oils help me. I get a body wrap done where the wrap is soaked and heated in eucalyptus oil and they rap you up and put in in a heat thing. After i did that 1 time i noticed a big difference in the red ness and itching. Plus its vry relazing!!!

Also I tan and it helps me BUT please NOTE that tanning makes psoriasis worse for some people so it wont help everyone!!

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i would not recommend this eucalyptus oil to relieve rash. i was taken to emergency for severe allergy reaction years ago because of this. i got bitten by my cat and to relieve the pain ASAP I applied this Mellaluca oil (consists of eucalyptus) on my skin. Minutes later, swollen skin and patches -_-


Herbal anti-psoriasis ointment and spray combination by Champori is a good one to check out.

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