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This is an old Russian Remedy. HEat milk with one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of honey. Then drink it while it is still very hot. This will coat your throat making it feel better, and the heat will make swelling go down. this is not only effective but also very tastey.

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i have the swine flu and my throat hurts sooo bad!so i tried this and it feels great and takes away the tastes great to.also if you want to ad a little bit of chocolate syrup it makes it that much better!!!!!!wow i will NEVER have a sore throat again

Happy Women!!!!

I Thought at first YUck Milk and Butter together, But, I tryed it and It worked instantly on me and it tasted really good. Kinda like rice pudding without the rice!!!! I just did 1 cup of milk, 1 tablespoon of Honey, and 1 tablespoon of Butter Bottoms Up!!!


i added hot chocolate mix to mine, cuz it didn't look that appealing, but i think i found a new way to make hot chocolate!


I was amazed how well this worked for me. I was able to sleep several hours without coughing. I recommend trying this option!


thanks i used the one with sugar :) throat feels better


I was a bit skeptical, but this is not only delicious, but it REALLY WORKS!! Thank you :)


This remedie works amazeingly well. Im accually very suprised by it, ive barely drank 1/3 of the up and my throught already feels much better! :)


It is quite tasty :) did not expect that at all! hope it work, my throat is feeling a bit better. I'll probably try other things too.

Mary Lou

To all the haters of this remedy, you are too demanding and expecting the IMMEDIATE fix. There is now immediate fix for anything! For those not liking the taste, add a little something, or change it a bit. If you don't like honey, use a little less. If you don't care of butter, use a little less. Or maybe a little more honey. I personally think it tastes like a sugar cookie.

I had a sore throat so bad after about 10 minutes of taking a drink of water my throat would burn and I would be unable to breath, let alone talk, and swallowing was all but impossible. At 12:30, after not having had a good day from coughing so much, I need sleep and decided to look up home remedies. My husband made it for, cup of milk, 1 tbl of butter, and 1 tbl of honey. It felt good immediately giong down. I was skeptical at first, like most of you, but after 30 minutes and I could still breath I was ready to sleep. I did sleep very good that night. I did not even wake for a drink of water. I did use it several times. It is not a permanent remedy, but it tastes better than cough medicine, and it is cheaper than cough medicine. Thanks bunches


FYI, heat actually increases swelling. The heat can be soothing and increase circulation though. This did work for me also.

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