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This is an old Russian Remedy. HEat milk with one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of honey. Then drink it while it is still very hot. This will coat your throat making it feel better, and the heat will make swelling go down. this is not only effective but also very tastey.

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This is not very efective it does not taste good at all do not use this but that's just my opinoin


Ooh! Verry tastey! I've had about half and I must say it has taken the sting away. Butter and honey coat the throat. We'll see how I amin the morning. :)


Oh! I also used about 12 oz. Of milk.


This worked almost instantly for me! there was only a slight tickle in my throat and it opened up my nose.


This works wonders i love it. thank you man, my throat was hurtinggg
and it tastes really good. just add 1 tsp. of sugar.


It works so good and tastes good to thank u./


it was really yummy ans helped alot. (:


I had an awful sore throat/head cold. I worried I might have even had strep. I found this rememdy, and tried it. It helped immediately, and (along with an occasional ibuprophen to help with the swollen throat)within a few days I felt 100% better. Some people don't like it, it smells like popcorn, but I loved it, and hey, if it works, why not? Not only that, but I could drink it as often as I wanted to, without worry of side effects or timed spacing. Thank so much!


Soothing, but no miracle cure, does help though! Surprisingly does taste like popcorn, which is odd in liquid form, but more bearable than most of these home remedies. My throat still hurts, but it felt really good while drinking it and is still slightly better an hour later.


wow this actually worked! my throat instantly felt better!

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