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This is an old Russian Remedy. HEat milk with one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of honey. Then drink it while it is still very hot. This will coat your throat making it feel better, and the heat will make swelling go down. this is not only effective but also very tastey.

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Tastes good and works great. My throat feels MUCH better. Thanx


alright soo im lookin 4 sum remedies i can use 2 cure my sore throat n i found diz 1 n it sounds gewd datz y i wanna try it wen i get home but ill get bak 2 diz 2morrow or l8z 2 c if it worked :]


Heat will soothe, but not reduce swelling. Milk will coat, and so also soothe, but will actually make your body produce mucous. But if you want a kind of filling, soothing, heat... go for it. It will prob make you feel better. Good luck!


Have Sore throat, tried a cup of HOT TEA with milk and sugar. This helped but the throat was still sore. 10 minutes later I said the heck with it let me see what Ican find online. Found this one remedy it sounded O.K. I guess what really made me try it was I already had all the ingredients (LOL). Well while reading everyones post I was drinking my cup, about halfway it just seemed to go away. Hope its not just a quick fix, I need to talk on the radio all night tonight. If this works thank you very much....O yeah will be taking some butter, honey, and milk with me to work tonight (Just in case)...


I made this for my husband and he said he couldn't believe how well it worked - after drinking one cup of it, his throat pain was less than half of what it was!


i have had a bad sore throat for a few days now and as soon as i started to drink this it felt better. this was one of the only one's i was willing to try. pepers and things sound a little painfull for me thank you so much


First of most sore throats are caused by drainage like if the weayher changes from 70 degrees to 40 degrees the next day adn milk increases the density of the mucus and causes mucus, havent you ever gone to the doctor and him tell you not to drink milk when theres mucus, itll just make it worse.
my suggestion is to drink something cold to bring down the inflamation heat just makes your throat more inflamed. like slurpees, ice cold water, kool-aid, freezer pops, and such hope it works


I'm not one for home remedies but it's just past midnight and I thought I was actually going to cry from the fire in my throat. Came across this, tried it and it is about 90% better. Can swallow without it burning but still feel a little pain. Going to bed now let's see if I can sleep though. By the way, Thank You.


I tried this and it worked great.. for the first two minutes. After the heat in my throat cooled down the pain returned. The smell made it really hard to get it down, it smelled like popcorn. :(


I tried out and it worked great...Just put little more honey to taste.....

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