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This is an old Russian Remedy. HEat milk with one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of honey. Then drink it while it is still very hot. This will coat your throat making it feel better, and the heat will make swelling go down. this is not only effective but also very tastey.

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this is a great remedey!!! i did use half a shot of whiskey to the recepie and i also used a little bit of chocolate syrup...thanx so... much i feel the pain drifting away and i can swallow without pain...i just think that the whiskey adds alittle more will definately keep this in my fam. remedy savers!!! thanx so much!!


Okay sounds interesting so I'm going to try it out got the drink ready just letting it cool off just a bit but I'll sure let you know tomorrow if I feel better. I also used a tad bit of cocoa in mine.


how much milk do you use??


Read the comments, someone said the ratio they used (1 cup milk).

And to the guy who said heat doesn't reduce throat swelling; cold makes your throat constrict, heat will loosen it up.


This actually isn't too bad. I don't like honey, but if you add some sugar it doesn't taste bad at all. After a few sips I could feel a little relief ^^


i just tried this remedy and i must say that it has helped more than any lozenge or spray has! This is definately going straight into my recipe books for future use!


ok well i tried this and the first half a cup or so i felt so much better. In fact i had my mother check the back of my throat after and the redness and swelling was gone. Then a few hours later i threw up. Do you have a remedy for stomach aches too! LOL! Anyway its real good but for some added flavor i added some suger and coco. YUM! I love this rememdy!


So it's really early in the morning when I wake up and realize I have a sore throat from hell today. I lost my voice and could barely breath due to the air making my throat dryer and harsher. So I immediatly went online and checked out Home Remedys; I came up to this one and instantely had to try it [It sounded good too; other than all those nasty ones]. Finding out I had no honey and hardly any milk I got dressed, took the bus to the store, and came back all just to try this remedy...[keep in mind, its still REALLY early in the morning]. So far, I'm drinking it now and it's pretty easy to swallow since it's nice and hot. The taste is great [I LOVE honey] and at this moment right now I feel the remedy working slowly. So thank you and maybe I'll post one more comment in a few hours on my results after drinking this :)


My throat has been killing me for the past three days; tonight I cannot even sleep. I tried this because it looked palatable, the warmth made my throat feel better from the start. The biggest thing I noticed is that the swelling did go down after a few minutes of sipping on the drink. Before I started drinking this, I could feel two huge lumps just under my jaw line and now the left side is gone and the right is almost gone. If anything else, I will be grateful if this allows me to get some sleep tonight. I will post again in the morning and let you know if I am cured or not.


I had surgery last Thursday. I have had a a very very bad sore throat since then. It's to wear it's hurting my ears. I have tried everything. Have even been to hospital. I have the drink right her in front of me so let's see if it works. Let's hope it does. So I can actually eat some actually food. It a relieved a little. Will keep doing this method. Thank You.

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