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This is an old Russian Remedy. HEat milk with one tablespoon of butter and one tablespoon of honey. Then drink it while it is still very hot. This will coat your throat making it feel better, and the heat will make swelling go down. this is not only effective but also very tastey.

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I try this and it works great I have a bad Sore throat.


This is also good for mucus


How much milk should you heat for this?


how much milk should be heated?


This worked really good and tasty. It feels good when your drinking it but it didn't work instantly. Have to say though the next morning my throat felt good. I'm sipping on it now ;)


Ok I have had this sore throat for 2 days now and I am loosing sleep. My throat feels all fuzzy and I keep going into gagging fits. Found this remedy and I am trying it tonight. I put 1 cup of milk and 1 tablespoon of the butter in my coco motion and had 1 tablespoon of honey in my cup. Once the coco motion was done I put the milk/butter in the cup and stired the honey in. Lets see if this works....will rate and post my thoughts in the morning! I pray this works!


OK, slept MUCH better last night, throat was better this morning, but not 100\\%. Drank another serving of the milk/butter/honey this morning. My throat is no longer sore, just a bit hoarse sounding. Less gaggy tonight than I have been all day. Will definatly try this again with my next sore throat!


was looking for a remedy like this after we tried slow churned ice cream, after days of throat lozengas and cold syrups we just discovered this ice cream made the sore throat go away for almost 2 hours but am going to try this and see how it works since it's nearly the same concept...


I just tried it and now, 30 minutes later it still isnt any better than it was before :( I guess this one doesnt work for me


im trying it now... microwaving it though....

hope it works as im a singer

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