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Hey everybody
what im about to tell you people is priceless.. your gonna feel like you've struck gold and its so inexpensive you wont believe it.
for the past year i have been breaking out with boils like you wouldnt belive i had alot of big ones that just wouldnt go away.. they were so painful and nomatter what i did it wouldnt go away otherwise they would just shrink and then come right back .. and we are not talkin a boil here and there im talkin about boils in my private area! ouch! so i went to the doctor he gave me anti biotics and told me about this stuff to buy and told me if it didnt go away with in the week i have to go to the hospital to get it lanced eww. needless to say i was very scared and upset and never thought it would work always fearing the worst. so i went to the pharmacy i didnt need a perscription and it cost me less then 5 Bucks! and it works great almost over night although you might have to apply it about a week or so dependending how big it is and how much puss it has, the stuff is called.. now make a note write it down youll thank me for this the stuff is called Ichthammol ointment. its a black drawing sab that you apply on the boil .. first clean it with anti bacterial soap apply it on the boil real thick and then put a bandaid to cover it so when it pops it wont spread if your lucky this stuff just may pop the whole thing over night!! i love it .. i keep a supply of it in my bathroom at all times cus you never know .. trust me this stuff really works. and im glad to be able to come here an tell you about this product!!

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So I told you all I would keep you posted. Well the results are in. This stuff is awesome. My sister told me to first soak in bath with baking soda and Epsom salt using the hottest water I could stand. I then cleansed, dried, applied ointment and covered the area. The Saturday morning it had come to a head and had started oozing. I took another hot baking soda and Epsom salt bath. After getting out it really started draining. I squeezed it and so much pus came out of the boil. I felt instantly better. Today it feels even better and has gone down tremendously. It's still draining a little. Doesn't hurt to walk or anything. People...keep this ointment in your cabinet.


Thank you very much for the information.


I am posting this because I want to add my own experience here which sometimes does not always work out the way a generic vaginal boil does and I am posting this for the benefit of anyone reading this post.

My girlfriend thought she had a just a regular vaginal boil and we proceeded to use Ichthammol with the expectation that it would be healed overnight. The next morning it was still there. And by that afternoon it started to swell even more. That's when I was convinced that this needed the doctor's attention although I really didn't my girlfriend to be involved with the doctor (because she hates doctors and injections). By that night the swelling had grown to the size of a gold ball. My girlfriend could not walk without my support, sit without support or even sleep properly.

Next morning I took her to the doctor's and it was a nightmare to even get her to walk to the car and make her sit down. She kept crying because of the pain in her swelling. The moment the doctor saw the swelling she was convinced that the swelling was infected (subsequent lab test confirmed infections of E.Coli bacteria). She first injected local anesthesia, waited for the numbness to set it and then she made a small incision on the swelling which hurt my girlfriend like crazy. Then she started to press the swelling and push out as much puss as possible. I was standing over the doctor holding my girlfriend's legs and hands while she was screaming in pain and the smell from the puss was pretty bad.

At this point she told us that she would insert a balloon in the swelling which would keep induce infected blood to drip out slowly from the incision. My girlfriend had the balloon in for 4 days. During this time I did my research and found out that another way was for the doctor to use controlled acid to burn the insides on the swelling. While this method is extremely excruciating for 10 seconds it has instant relief.

To conclude, dont just use topical creams without incorrect diagnosis like we did. Make sure, there is no swelling around the boil. Swelling means that its infected.

FYI - My girlfriend had Bartholin's Gland Abscess. You can google and find out more about it. Its not a simple vaginal boil.


I think I have a boil on my lip. I had impetigo a few weeks ago which is almost completely cleared uo, however a few days ago I had a pimple right under my lip so I popped it. The puss came out and I thought that was it. Well, I guess not. I am guessing bacteria from the impetigo on my chin was transferred into the opening on the popped pimple and caused an infection on my lip. It has been growing ever since (about 4 days now) and is super painful. I went to the ER and they tried to drain it, but to no avail. Nothing came out. That was two days ago and the boil is even bigger now. I just put boil ease on which I'm reading doesn't work. Before I put the boil ease on I noticed one of the puncture wounds from the needle in the ER on my lip was releasing puss so I squeezed it. Puss did come out, but there's definitely way more in there. How do I get the rest out??


You were right! Thank you so much omg.


I am on my way to try and find this product. About a week ago I noticed tendeness under my arms I felt around and found 3 bumps the size of a small pea. A few days later I noticed two of the bumps were gone the third one was now the size of a grape pain level a 9. I did get some Prid very little relief I will let you know after today what happens

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