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Hey everybody
what im about to tell you people is priceless.. your gonna feel like you've struck gold and its so inexpensive you wont believe it.
for the past year i have been breaking out with boils like you wouldnt belive i had alot of big ones that just wouldnt go away.. they were so painful and nomatter what i did it wouldnt go away otherwise they would just shrink and then come right back .. and we are not talkin a boil here and there im talkin about boils in my private area! ouch! so i went to the doctor he gave me anti biotics and told me about this stuff to buy and told me if it didnt go away with in the week i have to go to the hospital to get it lanced eww. needless to say i was very scared and upset and never thought it would work always fearing the worst. so i went to the pharmacy i didnt need a perscription and it cost me less then 5 Bucks! and it works great almost over night although you might have to apply it about a week or so dependending how big it is and how much puss it has, the stuff is called.. now make a note write it down youll thank me for this the stuff is called Ichthammol ointment. its a black drawing sab that you apply on the boil .. first clean it with anti bacterial soap apply it on the boil real thick and then put a bandaid to cover it so when it pops it wont spread if your lucky this stuff just may pop the whole thing over night!! i love it .. i keep a supply of it in my bathroom at all times cus you never know .. trust me this stuff really works. and im glad to be able to come here an tell you about this product!!

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Oh my god this stuff is AMAZING! THANK YOU for posting about this! I've never had a boil before and thought I was going to loose it from the pain because it was on the inside of my thigh, making walking almost impossible without pain. I was browsing the net to figure out if I should go to doctor or not. I found this post and figured I'd give it a shot, just to save myself the trip to get it lanced and such.

Less than 8 hours later and it's draining! Aside from the smell, this stuff is incredible!


i just bought some and i applied 3 times today. during the 3rd time i changed it a little bit of skin was peeling this a good thing?? i mean my cysts is huge on my genital area! so should i leave it on over night?? and its really big and hard and it hurts :( so can you please let me know at my e-mail? thank you so much

Old Foggie

I must be the only 'old foggie' here! When I was a kid (MANY years ago) I suffered with boils everywhere, especially on my knees. We had an 'old time' doctor, you know...the ones that used to make house calls? Well, they used to give you all sorts of things for all sorts of ailments. I can remember he had a large jar of this black tar lookin' stuff, and he used a spatula type tool to scoop some out and put it in a nice little flat silver tin to take home. It smelled bad, but it sure worked. I never knew the name of it back then other than black drawing salve, but when I got older, I had need of this wonderous black salve again. Of course, by this time, the doctor was no longer alive, so I went on a quest to find 'Black Drawing Salve'. Sure enough...I found it with the help of some pharmacist friends. It was Icthamol!!! I used it on my husband's sabacious cyst and it was quick and easy. I have kept a tube of it in my house for probably 40 yrs now (not the same tube of course) but I wouldn't trade it for anything! It's the greatest thing since sliced bread!


I have not only one but four boils. If a boils already busted but not draining very well is it still okay to put it on there? And another question.. Does it hurt at all? Be honest--- Please!


I had a painful boil for about 4-5 days in the groin area, about the size of a dime. Last night I applied the ichthammol at around 9:30pm. I put some on a cotton ball and used medical tape the 'gentle paper tape' by nexcare to hold it in place overnight. By 10:00am the thing has finally come to a head and drained. Ichthammol is really amazing stuff. Only took 12 hours to work and it worked great. I feel so much better!!!!

Fingers crossed

Just bought this and applied. First off smells awful! But the pain is so much less! I won't be putting it on after my shower, don't want to be the smelly girl in the office! Can't wait to take the bandage off in the am. Fingers crossed for it to be gone!


Thank you so much for the recommendation, I suffer from boils and boy do those suckers hurt. I usually just let it do its thing but this time the pain was unbearable so I researched remedies and came upon this site. I purchased Ichthammol Ointment and by next morning the boil was draining. Feel so much better, I will never again be without this ointment.


I have a bad nasty boil down below and going to the doctors to have it cut was not my thing so I started looking on the internet and came across this story.thank you I'm going to buy me some.I hope it works


Yall comments are saving my life right now because I began to think was I not taking long enough bathes or what was I eating to make me unhealthy for boils to keep popping up in my pubic area. This pain is unbearable I'm going to find this ointment today and pray it works. I literally wanna cut my lower half of my body off lol. I have sat in the tub with hot water until it turned cold about 2 to 3 times a day & have a hard time sleeping. I appreciate you all.


This is my first time having a boil. I noticed it a couple nights ago and today it got bigger and it's painful. My sister asked me if I had shaved recently. I told her about a week ago. She said it probably is an ingrown hair and it got infected with bacteria. I just so happen to have a tube of this ointment in the cabinet. I used it for a spider bite. Didn't know you could use it for boils. I put it on just like she said (cleans, apply and cover). I hope this works overnight. I'll keep you posted.

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