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Hey everybody
what im about to tell you people is priceless.. your gonna feel like you've struck gold and its so inexpensive you wont believe it.
for the past year i have been breaking out with boils like you wouldnt belive i had alot of big ones that just wouldnt go away.. they were so painful and nomatter what i did it wouldnt go away otherwise they would just shrink and then come right back .. and we are not talkin a boil here and there im talkin about boils in my private area! ouch! so i went to the doctor he gave me anti biotics and told me about this stuff to buy and told me if it didnt go away with in the week i have to go to the hospital to get it lanced eww. needless to say i was very scared and upset and never thought it would work always fearing the worst. so i went to the pharmacy i didnt need a perscription and it cost me less then 5 Bucks! and it works great almost over night although you might have to apply it about a week or so dependending how big it is and how much puss it has, the stuff is called.. now make a note write it down youll thank me for this the stuff is called Ichthammol ointment. its a black drawing sab that you apply on the boil .. first clean it with anti bacterial soap apply it on the boil real thick and then put a bandaid to cover it so when it pops it wont spread if your lucky this stuff just may pop the whole thing over night!! i love it .. i keep a supply of it in my bathroom at all times cus you never know .. trust me this stuff really works. and im glad to be able to come here an tell you about this product!!

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I tried this the other night. It is really messy but it did work. It stopped the pain almost instantly and it drained over night. Thanks so much for posting!


This stuff does work...I have had boils before on my rear and I usually use hot compresses and leave them alone to do their thing!. Well last week, I notices a bump on my inner thigh and by Monday of this week it was larger and cant wear pants with this thing...! Anyway, i went to Walgreens and asked the pharmacist what to do...she told me to buy this (cost $3.47) and a box of epson salt. She told me to soak in bath as often as I can duringthe day and then apply this Itchammol using glauze and medical tape (Or a large bandaid). I started this Monday night....Tuesday night, while drawing my bath water..I removed the gauze and the boil had raised and pus/blood was oozing. She asvised to not squeeze, just kind of manuever...wHich I did. I believe that there is more than 1 boil in this spot so because it still feels large after the pus and blood ...and i did not see a 'core' yet. But I am still using this stuff cause it eased the pain in 1 day instead of several and I am sure with patience and a couple more days all will be good!. Buy this stuff..It is great. Yes, It smells what it works!

in pain

Thanks a lot for this. I been havin a problem with a reaccuring boil towards my tailbone and it hurts like hell. I just came back from the pharmacy and I'll let yall know how it works.


i looked for this cream every where and i cant find any im so mad....grrrrrrrrrrr

no longer in pain (in pain)

Ok its been 2 1/2 days since I started using the ointment. It smells gross but it was totally worth it. It does take a lil patience as someone else previously stated. It instantly eased the pain and by the second day it was ready to pop. Luv tht stuff!


Some person on this form said that they need positive feed back well here it is. I have been suffering from a boil on my Labia aka vaginal boil. The boil has become so painfull that I had to stop going to the gym for my daily run!! I finally told my mom what was on down in that region and she handed me the Ichthammol 20%. I applied it in the morning and when I woke up the swelling had went down alot. I then took a shower and re-applied. I have noticed that the ointment is almost eating away at the skin where the head of the boil should be. I have only done this for one day and I can feel the difference. Mine has not yet broken and drained but then again mine had been getting worse for a week before I started this treatment. Also the only thing I can complain about is that the ointment smells like tar =P


This post is 100% true!!! This stuff is called Ichthammol Ointment 20%. I got my first boil a few years back and had no idea what the hell it was. It was so painful that I contemplated going to the ER. I called my sister and she laughed at me and told me it was a boil. It got really big (about the size of a small plum) and painful. I could barely walk and the pain had me walking funny which made my back hurt. My sister told me to make a paste out of potatoes and place it on the boil. It worked and the boil busted and smelled awful. I had other boils after that but not as nearly as painful or big. Just last week I got another one and it grew everyday!! Unfortunately I didn't have any potatoes to make the paste so I got online and came upon this site and post. It was recommended to get this Ichthammol Ointment. After all the testomonials I decided to go out to CVS and Wal-Greens to try and find this stuff. I went to a total of 4 stores before getting lucky enough to find one that actually had it. All the others said they had to order it. That was not an option for me since the pain was so bad. I got home and cleaned the boil and placed this stuff on it and low and behold, the boil had bust in about 15-20 minutes not to mention the pain had decreased considerably within 5-10 minutes. This stuff is AWSOME!! I would recommend this to anybody!! Results may vary but this stuff is well worth the wait especially at the cost (around $3-4 dollars). DO NOT BUY 'BOIL EZE' it is not worth the bottle it's in, because 1.It does not work and 2.It does not work. Good luck!! and hurry up and go buy this stuff, you will not be disappointed!! THANKS TO THE PERSON WHO POSTED THIS ORIGINALLY!!


Well I went to three different pharmacies looking for ichthammol, and was not able to locate any locally, so I looked online, and found it available at Tractor Supply for $12.99 for 14 oz. Way cheaper than $5/1oz at the mail order pharm....getting ready to try it out.


I have been getting boils all my life. I have always used boil ease, but this latest time I got the boil ease and they had changed it. It used to be just like the ichthammol but now it is just a pain relieving cream. I was desperate. Thank God I thought to ask the pharmacist for one that was like the old boil ease. She gave me the ichthammol. I just put it on so I am sure it will work quickly since it is just as stinky as the other stuff. As far as people thinking this is all to happy results they are not. This stuff smells, it is messy and it eats your skin so the boil can burst. Very Painful but if you have ever had a boil the pain of a drained boil is so much better than the pain of a fully loaded boil. I am not sure why they changed the original boil ease but the new one is a waste of money. Go for the Ichthammol

Jerry Stanton

This stuff really works believe me. I get boils every 2 or 3 months and the moment I detect them I put the cream on and a few days later they're gone.

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