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Hey everybody
what im about to tell you people is priceless.. your gonna feel like you've struck gold and its so inexpensive you wont believe it.
for the past year i have been breaking out with boils like you wouldnt belive i had alot of big ones that just wouldnt go away.. they were so painful and nomatter what i did it wouldnt go away otherwise they would just shrink and then come right back .. and we are not talkin a boil here and there im talkin about boils in my private area! ouch! so i went to the doctor he gave me anti biotics and told me about this stuff to buy and told me if it didnt go away with in the week i have to go to the hospital to get it lanced eww. needless to say i was very scared and upset and never thought it would work always fearing the worst. so i went to the pharmacy i didnt need a perscription and it cost me less then 5 Bucks! and it works great almost over night although you might have to apply it about a week or so dependending how big it is and how much puss it has, the stuff is called.. now make a note write it down youll thank me for this the stuff is called Ichthammol ointment. its a black drawing sab that you apply on the boil .. first clean it with anti bacterial soap apply it on the boil real thick and then put a bandaid to cover it so when it pops it wont spread if your lucky this stuff just may pop the whole thing over night!! i love it .. i keep a supply of it in my bathroom at all times cus you never know .. trust me this stuff really works. and im glad to be able to come here an tell you about this product!!

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My 2 1/2 year old daughter had a nasty boil on her bottom and her pediatrician recommended it. Her boil was hardened across her whole butt cheek. We started putting the Ichthammol Ointment on her and it took about two days for it to bring it completely to a surface but it was such a help since she was crying every time she went potty. After the first time putting it on it showed great improvement. I will certainly be keeping it in our medicine cabinet from now on.


Thank you, you are a life saver. My mom was pain from a boil and we didnt know what to do for it. I came across this site and purchased the ointment from Walmart for less than 4 dollars. It started draining within 15 minutes and she is no longer in pain. Thank you for this info

Boils HURT :-(

We'll I have been suffering with this (*&^(*&^ boil for about 4 days now, found this website and immediately went and bought some. Just soaked in a hot bath and getting ready to put it on, will update with resutls!


OK, I just applied the product about 10 minutes ago. It's very soothing. This is my second boil in about 5 weeks. Don't know what's causing this, but the first one I had to go to the hospital and they lanced it and packed it and that was a horrible experience, that one was on my right inner thigh right next to my 'girlfriend' and I was devastated. Now I'm finding out that having that one was nothing compared to the one I got now on my lower butt cheek. How the hells fire are you supposed to sit down with these things. Anyway, I'll come back and let you know how well this works. This boil is about 3 inches wide and it's about 5 inches long - it's HUGE and swolen and looks like I growing a boob under my arse. I really hope this stuff works.


It's the next morning now. This stuff really works. The boil monster has now reared its ugly head and its open and draining. It actually opened about 30 minutes after the first application yesterday. I'm thrilled because I just couldn't take another hospital visit and being lanced and stuffed again. And to the person who said they weren't going to try this, I feel sorry for you if you're sporting one of these boils and denying yourself the relief. This stuff smells terrible and is quite icky, but THIS STUFF REALLY WORKS.


I have been experiencing large extremely painful boils in my private region for about 6 months now. I am currenlty experiencing the 4th. I have learned things to do that help and sooth and things not to do. Here is what I learned

1. Do not use plastic band-aids.
2. Do not use band-aids with antibiotic ointment already on them.
3. Do not use anti-biotic OINTMENT on the boil at any stage or ever.
4. Do not touch the puss or blood that oozes from the boil. If it is a staff infection, this puss and blood will be very contagious and can spread to other pores and other areas of the body (such as the face).
5. Do not squeeze or pick at the boil. This damages the tissue around the boil even more and invites a deeper infection.
6. Do not wear tight pants while you are treating a boil.
7. Do not take a bath take a hot shower instead. You don't want the puss and blood floating through the water to all the exposed pores that are under water with it.
8. Do not use a hot compress unless you fold the cloth to expose a clean side before reapplying/touching it back to the skin/boil.

1. Cleans the entire area with antibacterial soap.
2. Clean your hands, including under the nails.
3. Apply drawing salve as soon as you realize you are getting a boil.
4. Take a cotton ball and hollow out the middle.
5. Put a generous amount of drawing salve in the cotton ball.
6. Place the cotton ball over the boil (with the salve touching the boil).
7. Put a panty liner (or two) on the inside of your panties to keep them from being ruined.
8. Change the dressing every four hours.
9. When you think the boil is finished add two more days of treatment.
10. Wear only cotton underwear (not just a cotton panel).
11. When the boil has completed draining and you added two additional days of treatment, apply a band-aid with anti-biotic CREAM NOT OINTMENT.
12. Bleach your shower scrubbies or better yet, get a new one to use after your boil has healed.
13. Same with razors.
14. Snug grannie panties will be the most comforitable.
15. Hot showers are the best bet, not a bath. You don't want the puss or blood getting on any of your skin.

Don't be afraid or embarrassed to consult your doctor.


I have been battling with a boyle for quite some time now-- my dr put me on antibiotics a few times and told me to do hot soaks three times a day-- none of this worked-- I couldnt even get her to lance it-- she thought it would go away in its own-- so here i am -- quite desperate-- and found this suggestion yesterday. I ran out and bought this stuff- it only cost $4.12- so a very low investment should it not work. Well I began using it yesterday- and although it dodnt 'pop' it does look different- I think it is rising to the top-- if this takes this boyle away- I will be ever so grateful!! I will let you know how it goes- i remember someone saying be patient-- and that is what i am trying to do:)


This product is a God Send. If there is any doubt that this product is effective, just ask your doctor about the effectiveness of this product and without hesitation they will quickly promote there western craft by writing you a prescription and tell you that the prescription works better and they will also recommend to have it lanced off course by one of their recommended cohorts if the symptoms don't improve in a week. Hmmmmm it seems as if their craft is not concerned with the healing process but only unconsciously taking advantage of people's vulnerability's by promoting non-synthetic modalities that may have negative side effects. Dr. visit vs. 4.00. Do the math and calculate the risk.


I'm a nurse and ichthammol ointment is the best salve to use on boils/furuncles/carbuncles to try to bring them to a head. If you have any underlying medical condition such as diabetes, an immune disorder and are on any other daily medication, see your PCP as soon as possible for any boil. He/She will probably prescribe an oral antibiotic for the infection. There is an outbreak of CA-MRSA (Community Acquired Methicillen Resistant Staphylcoccus Aureus) which doesn't respond to some antibiotics. The only way to determine if you have MRSA is to have the boil incised & drained then cultured.

The best way to draw out the infection is to apply warm, moist heat 3-4 times a day and apply ichthammol after each heat therapy, making sure to cover the area with a sterile bandage. The person applying the ointment MUST wear gloves. Ichthammol stinks and stains. The MOST important thing to do if your boil comes to head and spontaneously bursts is NOT TO TOUCH any of the pus or drainage because you could contaminate another part of your body or worse, a member of your family if you touch the drainage and then touch a door knob or anything else in the house. Have a family member wear sterile gloves and cleanse the area for you and dress it in sterile fashion.

NEVER EVER try to extract the contents of a boil yourself...these can be deep abscesses and you can wind up with an even deeper infection and possibly sepsis.


I am blown away! I have had a boil on my face for 2 weeks now. I called my Dermatologist this morning and they can not get me in for 3 weeks. I explained that I have this horrible, HUGE boil on my face that looks like a thrid eye. I could not wait that long, so I came upon this website. I RAN to Walgreens and bought Ichthammol Ointment 20% (it is behind the counter but not a perscription) I put it on right away. Within 1 hour it came to a huge white head and I helped it along by poking a sterile needle in it. It drained. Next time I will give it more time and let it do it on it's own.
Wonderful stuff!!!!!

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