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Hey everybody
what im about to tell you people is priceless.. your gonna feel like you've struck gold and its so inexpensive you wont believe it.
for the past year i have been breaking out with boils like you wouldnt belive i had alot of big ones that just wouldnt go away.. they were so painful and nomatter what i did it wouldnt go away otherwise they would just shrink and then come right back .. and we are not talkin a boil here and there im talkin about boils in my private area! ouch! so i went to the doctor he gave me anti biotics and told me about this stuff to buy and told me if it didnt go away with in the week i have to go to the hospital to get it lanced eww. needless to say i was very scared and upset and never thought it would work always fearing the worst. so i went to the pharmacy i didnt need a perscription and it cost me less then 5 Bucks! and it works great almost over night although you might have to apply it about a week or so dependending how big it is and how much puss it has, the stuff is called.. now make a note write it down youll thank me for this the stuff is called Ichthammol ointment. its a black drawing sab that you apply on the boil .. first clean it with anti bacterial soap apply it on the boil real thick and then put a bandaid to cover it so when it pops it wont spread if your lucky this stuff just may pop the whole thing over night!! i love it .. i keep a supply of it in my bathroom at all times cus you never know .. trust me this stuff really works. and im glad to be able to come here an tell you about this product!!

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nomore painful boils

im putting this suggestion to the test....this a the second time that i had a boil. But this case is a lot worse than the first one. I used nair hair removal on my pubic area and i somewhat burned my skin down there. A couple days later i notices that i a boil had began to develop and about four more all around that general area. First i attempted to apply boil ease to it but it did nothing to ease the pain or even to bring it to a head. Thats when i ran across this site and read your suggestion. i reseached the product that you was talkin about and went to my local wal-greens and purchased it. It was only 3 dollars and sum odd cents to my surprise; i also brought some antibac soap and bandages. I then cleaned the affected area with the soap and dried it. Applied the product in large amounts over the boils and covered with bandages. Now its at this point that i want to make a suggestion.....normally with boils in that area tight underwear is not a good idea; but in this case i put on tight dark color underwear to help hold the bandages in place while i sleep. Ill let you know how it turns out in the morning...Thanks a lot i hope it works


I had a hugh boil for a week and nothing helped. I tried Turmeric, Castor Oil and all that crap I read about for treating boils and nothing seemed to work. I went to my neighborhood pharmacy and got some Ichthemol and I am here to tell you that stuff does work! I applied it on the boil and about 5-10 minutes drained. So do not drink nasty Turmeric water nor waist your time doing Castor Oil packs. Apply Ichthemol and the boil will drain soon!
I hope this information helps somebody.


Thank you so much! This worked overnight for me. I'm glad that you posted this information. It really helped me (the boil was in my buttocks area...). Just a little extra info: Walgreens sold the stuff for less than $2 and CVS has it for $4.57. Definitely worth trying. You have to approach the pharamacist to get it but a prescription is not necessary.

Thanks again!


I've only recently started getting boils and my doctor doesn't seem to know why, and boy are they painful. I've tried lancing them and that hurts even worse. Im trying your method. I just returned from Walgreens where I purchased this product for around $3.00, I'll repost and let everyone know how it works.


Yes this works. I have used it twice and it has worked lets say within 24hrs. Though It was called Draw-Out Sauve.I think you may want to check that spelling. Stuff is black and looks like tar. The next day you will see a rather nasty looking hole and all the stuff just drains out. NASTY!! You will get a bit of a scar but no more than if you used any other method.

Christina louisville KY

Thank you so much for the info. I have been suffering from a huge boil on my butt for about a week now. The pain was terrible and i went to the store and bought the stuff and it relieved the pain in minutes now i am just waiting to see if it is gonna make it go a way. I will get back to you as soon as it totally work. Again thank you so much for the info.


THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I have gotten boils for years, this recent one was rather nasty.. plus its the 2nd time in a few months in the same place ( I'm figuring the core didnt come out the first time), anyway this one was also in a private area, and HUGE! I could barely walk.. and sitting down was a chore... last night I found this site and sent my husband to the pharmacy first thing this morning.....this stuff is WONDERFUL! The boil busted and started to drain within 40 minutes of application! So much relief! I'll never be without this stuff again!Thanks so much for sharing the information...I'll be telling everyone I know about this salve!

Only Boil Hot Dogs

thanks....shit stank to high heavens doe.


This works wonders! I had to go to 4 different pharmacies to find it though. I have this huge boil on my inner arm for about a week and tried every possible thing! I came across this website today and went on a mission to find the oitment. I just applied it and instantly the pain went away....just hoping this sucker goes away by tonight! Thank you again!!! I literlly wanted to cut my arm off!!


Believe this blog!!!! I tell u what.. my daughter had a boil months ago and I had not discovered this ointment, but I wish I did. Instead I cured it with the help of Neosporin, Hydrogen peroxide and warm compress. Now I have my 1 year old son sufferring from boils and when I went to the pharmacy to fill his antibiotics the clerk suggested that I use it. Was she a LIFESAVER or what?? This thing is amazing, even though it is black in color and smells like tar it is BY FAR THE BEST PRODUCT for boils!!! I saw results overnight! I recommend u stock up on it because usually a product that is very effective is taken off shelves.. However, I also buy dried chamomile (about $1) and I boil it with water and after that boils u drain the chamomile water onto another bowl and u dip a small washcloth in it to create the warm compress and that eases the boil for draining. Make sure to clean the boil(s) with hydrogen peroxide.The application of neosporin and witch hazel is also very effective but nothing beats Icthammol Ointment 20\%.(Cost $4.66 at Walmart). The best product there is!!!!

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