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I had to ask for clove oil at the pharmacy and while I was there, I asked her about dry sockets, she suggested filling a syringe (like the ones you use for kids medicine) with warm salt water and try flushing out the socket first. I did and it stopped hurting at least until I ate again. She said food gets in the hole and irritates it, causing pain. I haven't had to use the clove oil (yet) so maybe I can return it and get my 5 bucks back!

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I don't suggest squirting salt water with a syringe on the sight until about 5 days after surgery. I made the mistake of squirting salt water on the sights the day of surgery which dislodged all of my blood clots which than caused my dry sockets.


It will not hurt it if you already have dry sockets. You'd be surprised how much of the pain is actually caused by debris sitting in the socket. Even when you rinse, it's not enough. You have to shoot the water in there with some type of syringe or I used a dropper and squeezed it hard to shoot the water in there. It works great!

Mrs W

I used a syringe to shoot the salt water into the socket as you suggested and all this nasty smelling stuff came out. It didn't look like anything I had eaten but anyhow thanks for the advice I was rinsing like the Dr. said but just not as effective as the syringe. But I then put the clove oil on and I feel sooo much better than I did I am so greatful for this site.


i got a cheaper one get cloves in the spices section its .99 and ass one or 2 drops of water to make a past oh god does it ever help i had 7 teeth pulled couldnt figure out y i hurt so bad i have dry socket...


I had a wisdom tooth pulled on Tuesday (its Saturday)....actually it was torn out because the tooth broke as he tried to pull it after 2 hours of drilling and digging...drilling and digging, he stopped. My cheek looked like a softball and my eye was swollen nearly shut...all that has went down and i have already finished off the 20 vicodin he gave i think i have dry socket....this is worse than giving birth...i swear! So i read these posts on there and went to get some clove oil...the red cross kind...i put it on my extraction and oh my hurt like a mutha!!! And it bled....and its still bleeding. Has anyone enountered this? Im not sure if i should put more clove oil on it or not but it has taken the trobbing pain down...after of course it stopped intinally hurting.....if anyone has any suggestions please email My dentist isnt in the office until Tuesday.....i feel like im going to freaking die!!!


I just went and got a bottle of the clove oil. I have been miserable for days with a dry socket..havent been able to eat...It works it really works i feel so much better!!!

Royce saver! I left work to see dentist but decided to Google first and found this site. Walgreens has the kit for 5 bucks. It is super strong, taste terrible and burns everything around for like crazy for like 5 min but then ahhhh! I flushed, used Eugenol 85% rinsed then put new cotton in and left it. I'm going to take a well deserved nap! THANK YOU!

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