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I've just been reading the 'mosquito' remedies and I can honestly say, the only remedy to 'not being bitten by a mozzie' is DON'T kill it... The blood you attract from it, attacts more.
I have grown up in a 'mozzie' infested town and have tried everything possible. The old 'slap' on the arm isn't the way to go...
From Hexham NSW, Australia-The Real Ozzie The Mozzie Town.....

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shut up lissy you don't know enough no seriously don't hit....!!! ummm stupidd!!
most people get bite and when then finally realize they got bite it too late the fly flied always. don't give stupid advice. i just on 6 mosiqtoes(sp)bites and i didn;t know until i got home and started inching
. just use bug spray b-4 you go out or you inching ointment

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