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Yeast free

Hydrogen Peroxide kills yeast. Simply pour hydrogen peroxide on the outside and into the front part. Do not rinse. This is also effective for oral thrush which is yeast in the mouth. Hydrogen Peroxides' label states that it is a mouth rinse. It does not hurt at all and it will take the discomfort away immediately. When treating your infection you will notice when you pour it on it will create bubbles. Hydrogen Peroxide is also very affordable.

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I put H.P on a pad and sat on it for a couple of (3)hours and the second I did, the pain was instantly gone!! No itching, or burning!! Just a cool, calm feeling! I recommend it! Thanks <3


This worked ! Instantly I felt relief !


i was in pain and burning and was wanting any help i could get, begin it was midnite and i couldnt go to the store for meds for the infection i poured it straight on it from the bottle and soaked a tampon in it as well the itching is gone and after a little bit of burnin no more than the infection was burnin, it felt better i will keep on for a few days but i think it will be sooo great for me yahoo, and someone posted do not do it, well i say heck ya do it


I just tried it and it does relieve the itch asap . I used the pad soaked on h.p . Im finidng that its working for now . I do believe it will work and i will be free from this yeast infection . :)

a greatful searcher

ya it burned a little but so far so good i don't itch as much and this was the first try WONDERFUL! you made my day


I tried using HP but I think I did it wrong????? I diluted the HP with water and it didn't fizz up?? Did I use too much water to dilute it oh also I dabbed myself dry was that what I did wrong?

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