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Hydrogen Peroxide kills yeast. Simply pour hydrogen peroxide on the outside and into the front part. Do not rinse. This is also effective for oral thrush which is yeast in the mouth. Hydrogen Peroxides' label states that it is a mouth rinse. It does not hurt at all and it will take the discomfort away immediately. When treating your infection you will notice when you pour it on it will create bubbles. Hydrogen Peroxide is also very affordable.

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I woudl highly recommend against using this...peroxide can actually damage the good tissue in your vaginal area. They ever recommend not using it on cuts due to damaging the good tissue under the cut or scratch you have that you are putting the peroxide on. I would ask your doctor about using peroxide before actually using it.

Southern Girl Stuck In SD

Talk to your doctor, stop eating sweets, change your diet.... BLAH BLAH BLAH. I just used this remedy and I AM NOT ITCHING. Thank you ladies so much for posting your comments because I have been battling this for two weeks and FINALLY SOME RELIEF. THANK YOU.




thank u jesus for giving this idea to whom ever thought of it yes it did burn but i feel so so so much better no more itching or burning please ladies try this it works am glad i did it because i was about to not try it this may b funny but to help with the burnig i sat in bathroom with door shut and 2 fans blowing my way lol its funny but it truly worked


Mix the peroxide with water. You don't need very much for it to have a positive effect. Too much and it will be very painful for a minute or two.


I was watching 'The Doctors' talk show one day and they recommended NOT using peroxide or alcohol on cuts because it not only kills the bad bacteria but it also kills the GOOD bacteria. It seems to me that peroxide in and on the vagina would do the same. You need the good bacteria in and on the vagina. Just a thought, ladies. I'm not saying that it works or doesn't work...


I an so happy to have found this, I am at work and was having INTENSE itching and burning, which probably has occured because of my increase sugar intake. Anyways I went down to the drug store by my job and brought so peroxide. After immediately patting some on my vaginal area I felt great relief but still a little soar. Will continue using until I am totally healed.


Thank you so much. It's truly works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


NO NO NO Peroxide burns like crazy. DO NOT USE PROXIDE for a yeast infection!


Well to those people who say dont use it! it burns. Well Its way better than living with a yeast infections because if you dont cure it, it may lead to more serious problems and maybe even infertility so do you think we really want that? no so its better to burn a little then to live with a stupid yeast infection

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