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Yeast free

Hydrogen Peroxide kills yeast. Simply pour hydrogen peroxide on the outside and into the front part. Do not rinse. This is also effective for oral thrush which is yeast in the mouth. Hydrogen Peroxides' label states that it is a mouth rinse. It does not hurt at all and it will take the discomfort away immediately. When treating your infection you will notice when you pour it on it will create bubbles. Hydrogen Peroxide is also very affordable.

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I took 1 acidophilus and applied 1 acidophilus inside and as well rinsed out with the H.P. It did sting for a couple of minutes but do feel somewhat better...will try again tomorrow...will keep you posted! Thxs for the info : )


it burned like hell my skin is still burning it helped but now iam burning i dont recomended if you have very sensitive skin


I went a little farther and used a turkey baster, filled it, and used it like a dush. I let it sit for 2 to 3 mins and did it for 7 days to make sure it was compleatly gone, it takes the itching right away the first day. it worked for me to It also works for bv. It does sting at first but it means its working and it is worth it.

lori has relief finally!!!

I tried this, and it worked great for me the first time. No sting or burning was noted. I tried the one day pill twice, and monistat cream it didn't work I just wasted my money, but this seems to have worked for me the first time I used it. I can't thank you enough for recommending it.


I have suffered from repeated yeast infections with severe irritation on the outside as well terrible itching burning I couldnt even walk it itched so bad. I tried the peroxide method and I am a beliver yes it burned and fissed for like 4 mins but it was worth it. I also left it on to dry then used Miconazole vaginal cream after the peroxide treatment dried it soothed the burning from the peroxide and relived my itching. I now take peroxide baths daily to keep the infection at bay. it returns but I will keep using the peroxide treatments well worth the bit of burning you feel if it burns its because it is killing the yeast that is on your skin.


Well the remedies mentioned here seem to be really working.i would be suggesting my friends who have been suffering from yeast infection.


I tried soaking a paper towel in peroxide squeezing out the access and just leaving it on the infected area. It really burned at first but after like 3min, it felt way's just a little dry now. Thanks..


If you mix the peroxide with water and then apply it, it may be a little uncomfortable for a few minutes but after that I did experience relief. Not to get too graphic but I tried using any eyedropper to shoot some of it inside but it kept on sucking the liquid back. What is clear is that the peroxide will definitely clear you out. I normally go to the doctor and pick up some diflucan but my health savings account is running low and I felt it would be a waste if I could handle it myself. Two days ago I was on this site and I am feeling 90% better. I did rinse and wipe with the peroxide water mix but I also purchased garlic pills, probiotic pills, and cranberry pills. Stopped eating sweet and drank no sugar added cranberry juice. I bought sugar free plain yougurt which I used to take the pills in the morning and at night. Two garlic, two probiotic, and two cranberry pills. I did pick up a monistat as well. I also applied a tea tree oil and olive oil mixture to the outside of my vagina for irritation relief. Sounds like a lot but I feel great on day two. After reading this site, when I am in the clear I think I will take the garlic pills daily.

Good luck


Thanks for posting this i did this and it burned for a second but nothing compared to the burnig of the infection & it takes the itch away fast i tried the pill & it didnt work but this does!


I've been taking antibiotics for a week now and have developed a very bad yeast infection. As soon and I hit this site and found that hydrogen proxcide worked on some women I went to my local 24 hr store and purchased some, it was worth the try by that time I was willing to try anything. OH MY GOODNESS it works I rinsed my vagina with the proxcide and soaked a fresh tampon in the solution and inserted in my vagina and I have instint relief. it didnt even burn. I'm going to continue to use this remedy until i'm all cleared up or until my antibiotics are done.

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