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Yeast free

Hydrogen Peroxide kills yeast. Simply pour hydrogen peroxide on the outside and into the front part. Do not rinse. This is also effective for oral thrush which is yeast in the mouth. Hydrogen Peroxides' label states that it is a mouth rinse. It does not hurt at all and it will take the discomfort away immediately. When treating your infection you will notice when you pour it on it will create bubbles. Hydrogen Peroxide is also very affordable.

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I've used Hydrogen Peroxide too and it works wonders! Just wipe or pour 2-3 x a day.

It will really help with the discomfort too. It might take 3 days or so, depending on how severe it is.

Also, have some organic yogurt. It's good to make it a regular part of your diet, especially in the summer when it gets so hot down there!


thank you so much for this treatment!!!
i tried it but went one step further because i have been battling this infection for months now.
i soaked an ob tampon in a one part hydrogen peroxide to one part water mixture and inserted it for the duration of a shower each morning for 2 days.
i could probably have taken the peroxide straight and for a longer time frame, but this worked well for me and i am finally yeast free!


Omg!!! Please don't do this. it does NOT work. It burns lik3 h3ll. WHATEVER YOU DO PLEASE DON'T DO THIS


Im on my period right now and barely ever get yeast infections . But, I dipped the tip of my tampon in the peroxide and it IS NOT burning me. I'll do this evry time I have to change my tampon now Thanx for the remedy , hope it works soon.


I took a couple of tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide mixed with some warm water in a water bottle and laid down in the bathtub with my lower body elevated and inserted the mixture and let it sit there for a while. Then I sat up and let it run out. I did this several times until there was no longer any fizzy mixture draining. When it fizzes, it is killing the bacteria so you want to make sure you do it over and over until it stops fizzing (if possible!).

Someone posted that it burns, but it did not for me at all. I would recommend giving it a shot!

I've tried monistat and so many other home remedies but this is the ONE so far that has worked for me! Thank you for posting this!



I just tried this and yes it did burn for maybe 2sec. but well worth it im not itching like crazy and feels so much better, this works really fast!!

this works great

i've had the itchy irritation for a couple of days now. i just tried the peroxide and it DOES WORK!! right away it soothed the itchiness and i feel relief. i plan to use this 2 to 3 times a day as previously suggested. thanks alot!!!!! :)


I tried this mixed in with some crushed garlic. With this I cleaned the inner walls and the outside. It burned like hell for the first two minutes. After that it got much easier. Don't know if this is a permanent fix but I definitely feel much, much better. Will do it again before going to bed.


This method worked for me as well. I rinsed the outside of my vagina with the peroxide and mixed a little water with the peroxide and insert it into my vagina about 2 - 3 times then let it air dry. The itching and discomfort feels almost completly gone I recommend this to anyone whos going through HELL with their yeast infection(works better than most over the counter treatments)


BURNED for the first few minutes but man was it worth it!!!

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