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Fold a bath towel about 4 inches wide and wrap it around your head. Tie a knot in the towel and put a wood dowel through the knot and turn the dowel until the towel tightens and the pain is gone. Every 2 mins, release the stick one turn until it can be slipped off.

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Kelly M

I have used this remedy for slight relief in the form of my fathers very large very warm, strong hands. But you are the ONLY one I have seen mention to loosen slowly. If you loosen to fast the pressure comes rushing back in and makes the pain worse.

R. B. McLean

I would like to thank you very much for this remedy.. I have never had a migraine and am not able to relate to those that have them.. My girlfriend was in major pain because of one, and as much as I tried many remedies from this forum. The wrapping of a towel around the head and holding it then slowly releasing it worked wonders. I and my girlfriend thank you and the others that suggested this..

Thank you.

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