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When breasts are overfilled and painful from pregnancy, lay leaves from a head of cabbage flat inside the bra over nite.

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Cabbage works really well. but first you have to beat the leaf a bit so the juice in it comes out then use it. it can be used on any inflamed or infected body part. you can do a poultice with it.



cold water usually cleoss the pores. why would you do that to get something out when you need them to be as open as possible? also, oily and junky foods are not the main cause of blackheads. it's just your natural body oils, usually put there by sweat. after you sweat, the pores are open to dirt and grim and facial oils. but if you wipe your face while still sweating or use an after-workout acne gel, you will see better results. this is because oils are pushed out when you sweat.

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