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Take alfalfa, bayberry, bee pollen, brigham tea, dandelion, or ginseng for extra energy.

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In case you hadn't noticed, this is a home-remedy site. Who has bee pollen and that other stuff at home? Let's be real now.


Bee Pollen Is a Vitamin You Dumass .( ; And Incase You Didn't Notice , This Is A Home-Remedy Site . Not A 'CorrectPeople' Site .
-Just Saying- So Do Us Both A Favor And Shuddup( :


that was sooo rude

Pat A. Vah-JJ

Lol I couldn't help but laugh after noticing the small delay of response. It only took 8yrs to relay the info hehe. I wonder if commenter #1 ever returned (last year) to discover for 4 years he sat, and still today is the DA example :)


Home remedy - means that you can buy natural and healthy items yourself and make them at home vs. Having to go to a doc and buy med which can lead to even worse illnesses. It's a healthy alternative in which we can have some control over our health, without relying on 'western medicine' for all ailments, at all Times!

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