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VVP does work! I had a bad reaction to fake 'fingernails' and all nails on both my hands got infected. Somehow the infection must have traveled thru my body because 3 of my toenails got infected also. Once one nail (toe or finger) is infected, it spreads easily to the next. I was on every med/cream/ointment available and nothing worked. It was terrible, as I was suffering from this for 8 months. My fingernails chipped away and I'd have cuts on every fingertip. I didn't even care about my toenails, but once I started the vicks remedy (rubbing it in ALL the time) it eventually worked. My condition was severe, so it will probably work much quicker on the average person. It's cheap and it doesn't have to be the Brand Vicks - any generic brand will do the same. For the person that said their nail turned black, mine turned a brownish color. The only reason I kept it up was 1. My nails were horrid anyway and 2. I could feel it work. I'd also try the bleach method someone suggested. I can't see how that wouldn't work. I couldn't even consider that with the cuts I had. Vinegar did not work for me. Tea Tree Oil has worked for a couple people I know. Personally, I was afraid to add oil to a fungus, but I guess this type of oil has a drying effect. I also took garlic capsules and acidouphoulis (sp?) I'm not sure if this had anything to do with curing my infection, but I want to add all I did. Garlic is supposed to kill fungus and acidouphoulis is giving you bacteria (the GOOD kind) that your body most likely is depleted off because of all the meds your doctor put you on. aka antibiotics/steriods/etc... OH, one more thing, go barefoot as much as possible (in your home, under your desk) and do not put a bandaid over it. As much as you want to cover this eyesore, it will only make it worse. Good luck

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Essential oils are not oil in the sense that we think of (mineral, olive, cooking ets,) but an extract of a plant (i.e peppermint, lemongrass, tea tree, lavender, rose, etc.) So tea tree oil is not a greasy oil, but a plant extracting oil.

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