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If you are someone who frequently gets fever blisters or cold sores, try applying fingernail polish remover every few minutes (it dries quickly) when you are aware of an upcoming outbreak. This sounds extreme (it will not burn unless the sore is advanced), but I have used this treatment for years and apply it with an eye drop bottle and it totally stops the virus from growing into a sore. If you don't catch it until it becomes a blister, simply use a clean needle to puncture the blister an apply the remover until it appears to halt the growing process and use Abreva until the sore has healed.

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I don't mean to disagree with you, as I have not tried the remedy myself, but puncturing a blister is VERY dangerous and not recommended at all. This will actually cause you pain, spreading of the bacteria, and scarring, and I highly advise you not to do this. Acetone, as well, is very damaging to the skin, mouth, and especially the cold sore. Use precautions when performing this remedy.

S.Ferguson, LPN

Please do not do this, acetone is highly toxic and caustic.


I have tried this. I came across a suggestion to use fingernail polish remover last year some time when I was having a terrible fever blister. I know it's not safe to 'pop' the blister with a needle. I know it could spread the virus, but I'm hard headed and don't listen to reason. I use the fingernail polish remover regularly and I alternate that and peroxide. It doesn't really make it any faster unless it's just a small sore to begin with, but it makes me feel better. Also, perhaps it's just in my head, but I think it takes some of the redness out. I have a mouth full right now and I feel terribly self-conscious when I have to go out in public. I have about six of varying sizes on the inside edge of my bottom lip, one small one on the outside edge of my bottom lip, and a huge one on the edge of my top lip. This is why I'm searching frantically for a 'fix'. If I would just stop thinking about them, they would probably go away.


i use nail polish remover too, ive had them so bad that I'll do anything to get rid of them, sometimes ill dab a little bit of bleach with a q tip too, and hold ice on them to get the swelling to go down


NEVER USE NAIL POLISH REMOVER!! IT IS TOXIC you can use alcohol and carmex. it will dry it up and the carmex will help keep your lip from cracking. I get them whenever I spike a fever and they will go away in a few days.


I'm not going to say that finger nail polish remover won't work,I haven't tried it but I have used a needle and it works also(sounds kidda gross)but egg white will dry them up quick.I get a lip full of fever blisters any time I'm in the sun for any period of time.

Not happy

Thanks! Now not only do I still have a fever blister but my WHOLE bottom lip is now raw & swollen from the polish remover. So all in all, it nade it 100% worse!!!


I had a full blown fever blister on my top lip and applied nail polish remover and minutes later I noticed it drying up! Nail polish remover works! Good luck.


I got some medicine from the doctor called acyclovir 200 mg capsules 3 x a day. I am not to familiar with fever blisters but I have had 1 about 3 months ago and so I got this perscription. Now I have another one and it is the biggest one I have ever had. So, I just went and got the persription filled. Also, I took vinegar and put it on my blister. Then I steralized a needle and wiped my lip with the alcohol carefully not eating it. Then I just did two small prods with the needle into the blister and then squeezed. Then I applied more alcohol, and then last more vinegar. So, we will see. I am not brave enough to put salt into it just yet. Also, i'm going to take my Doxycycline Hyclate 100 mg caps 2 per day 12 hours apart.


Had a what felt like a HUGE one trying to pop up on my top lip. I felt the swelling, tinglimg, and itching. I used a Qtip and place the acetone on it un till the stinging quit and went to bed. I just woke up and it's freaking GONE! The swollen spot is gone and I don't feel any bumps or itching or anything! I'm amazed, maybe cause I caught it so so early?

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