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Take two thin slices of cucumber on place on your eyelids for 10-15 minutes. This helps cool your eyes and pretty much lighten your dark circles.
Good Luck!

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I have the WORST dark circles under my eyes. It makes me look awful and the worst part is, I'm only 14. So it makes me look so much older (in a bad way). I can't figure out whats causing it! I am pretty healthy. I eat well (I'm an octo-lavo vegetarian) drink lots of water, I am an athlete and I make sure I get enough sleep every night, but sometimes it is difficult especially during the school year. I am really gonna try some of these home remedies. Except for the preperation h one...


This is one of the most common remedie to rid of the dark circles.
BUT Ive tried it sooooo many times.
But irony strikes me. It makes my eyes puffy. and you know what else sucks?! Im twelve, and already im caring to mutch about how i look.
i bet half of the people searching this are just self concouis (or however you spell it).
But luckily This website has various remedies, wich is quite handy! :D


I have tried this and I think it only made things worst. I am a twele year old black Jamaican so my circles are BLUISH PURPLE and I look awful and sometimes this gives me low self-esteem.


I'm alarmed that so many teen agers are worried about this. Stop worrying about it! Enjoy your youth and health and ignore the drum beat of the beauty industry.


In reference to Andy's comment, I have suffered with dark circles since about the age of 11, I am now 29 and still suffer with them, unless you have had them you have no idea how much they can effect you self esteem. This is not something that has been encouraged by the beauty industry, but more about a girl/woman looking in the mirror and constantly not being satisfied with her appearance due to always looking drawn and most of all, unhealthy. We all know that black eyes is not a great look.


I am a semi black, half cast, 8 year old female midget with red hair and permanent hives. I am concerned with my dark eye circles.






You young girls- please remember you are beautiful regardless of your appearance
when i was young i used to be concerned about my appearance- Im now an adult and realize youth is a gift and you will see as you get older you will be a happier women if you concentrate on love and happiness, your health and education. I promise (from a very ugly dorky teenager and now a successful lovely happy healthy adult woman)


The cucumbers are actually more for puffiness. They make actors (at least I am sure they do for theatre actors) and models wear them for 15 minutes before a photo shoot etc.

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