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I work at a child care facility & we are not allowed to use Ora-Jel of any sort unless the parent okays it and sends it.
However, We have found if you take some of the Adams almond extract or any other flavor for that matter (It must be Adams) It has the tiniest bit of alcohol in it and it will numb the gums. I myself have used this while I was cutting my wisdom teeth in, and if it works on an adult (Well up in years), Imagine how much better it will work for a child

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For The Love Of All

OK...Aside from the issue of there's a child in pain from teething, there are two other issues, and for all that are so worked up, some of you are on the right track and others are a little skewed in your thought processes, although ALL are coming from the right heart! The 1st issue that's got several here in an uproar is the alcohol issue. I think ALL would agree that giving ANY size child alcohol in any measurable quantity is WORSE than a BAD IDEA! HOWEVER,that being said,to put a bit on the tip of your finger, then, as another suggested, drying the finger off to the point of remaining JUST perceptibly damp, then applying to the child's gums by rubbing, is NOT going to hurt a child. This should NOT be the 'go to' remedy, and it should not be done more than twice, perhaps three times a day. The deaths that have occurred, just as in a lot, even most, of the children's over the counter medication related deaths, occur because the individual/s administering the medications, fail to do so properly. They either failed to communicate properly with others caring for the child about previous dosing earlier in the day, or failed to read the instructions correctly, or decide the amounts listed to be given are not working well enough so surely more must be better!, OR in the worst cases, the caregiver, usually a parent, sadly it's often the stay-at-home mom, that has had no help, has been dealing with what is often under-treated or untreated postpartum depression, who gets so overwhelmed and tired that they over medicate a child in an attempt to get a break, a rest, or some sleep and tragically in the end, end up with a deceased child! Anyway, I think you get the point. In this case, IF NOTHING ELSE IS WORKING, YOU CAN TRY THIS, IF YOUR COMFORTABLE WITH IT, BUT ALWAYS REMEMBERING THAT WITH ANY MEDICATION, LESS IS MORE, BUT I WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST ALWAYS CHECKING WITH YOUR CHILD'S DOCTOR BEFORE TRYING ANY NEW 'MEDICATION'. And NEVER forget that even your every day spice and herbs should ALWAYS be considered a medication. BECAUSE,...before we had big pharma, for thousands of years, combinations of herbs and spices were all people had to use for medications. They can sometimes be dangerous in certain combinations, ESPECIALLY IF YOUR CHILD IS ALREADY TAKING ANY KIND OF MEDICATION, BE IT PRESCRIBED OR OVER THE COUNTER! Lastly, if you do decide to try this method, I WOULD STRONGLY SUGGEST that you NOT USE AN EXTRACT THAT COULD A HAVE ANY NUTS IN THE EXTRACT DUE TO THE OBVIOUS CONCERN OF ALLERGIES. If you want to us an extract, consider using REAL vanilla extract...NOT IMITATION!!!

NOW...the 2nd issue here, in my opinion, and we all know about opinions right? When you take a child to someone with the intent of leaving them in their care while you go to work, shop, etc., you do so with an assumed understanding between both parties that said caregiver will in all good conscious use due diligence to take care of your child, keep them safe, and in the event that the child becomes ill, be it something serious OR ALL THE WAY DOWN TO SOMETHING AS SIMPLE AS TEETHING, that the caregiver will NOT administer ANY MEDICATION orally, without a prior agreement, IN WRITING, about what medicine/dosage/frequency/& in what situation said medicine should be administered. Absent that prior arrangement there is NO SITUATION that could arise, (short of EMERGENT/LIFE THREATENING ILLNESS, IN WHICH CASE 911 WOULD BE CALLED/INVOLVED) that the caregiver should EVER administer ANY KIND OF MEDICATION WITHOUT CONTACTING YOU FIRST! If you can't be reached than none should be administered or 911 should again be contacted. Under NO CIRCUMSTANCE would I EVER give someone else's child a medication WITHOUT their consent!!! IF this caregiver gave this or any other treatment to any child at any time without the knowledge and/or consent of the parent and without the facility directors knowledge, then yes. This woman should have lost her job. HOWEVER,IF she gave a child a medication to a child without the parents knowledge/consent AND the facility director WAS INFORMED PRIOR TO THE MEDICATION BEING GIVEN, AND consented TO THE ADMINISTRATION then CLEARLY more drastic action would need to be taken. From replacing both people to closing the facility, which would depend on whether the facility was individually and privately owned or part of chain. this point I will apologize for the length of my post, but there was a lot I felt I needed to say. Lastly, a I'll share that I am a 51 y.o. mother of 3 VERY healthy,well adjusted, successful, full grown children and I have a back ground in nursing. I hope ALL have MANY UNEVENTFUL TEETHING DAYS AND NIGHTS! ;-)


Gosh people stop being so dramatic about the is a tiniest amount and it's only to rub the baby gums once in a while... every parent will do what's best for their child...but please stop preaching and judging others putting things in a bigger proportion that they actually doesn't help...if anything it's annoying....please leave judgment at the door and post something that helps...thank you!

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