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I work at a child care facility & we are not allowed to use Ora-Jel of any sort unless the parent okays it and sends it.
However, We have found if you take some of the Adams almond extract or any other flavor for that matter (It must be Adams) It has the tiniest bit of alcohol in it and it will numb the gums. I myself have used this while I was cutting my wisdom teeth in, and if it works on an adult (Well up in years), Imagine how much better it will work for a child

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About the day care worker who used almond extract, your day care should be closed! I can't believe it is ok to give a child even the 'tiniest bit of alcohol' in it. You might as well be using vodka for that logic. Also, we discovered my daughter was allergic to all types of nuts when she was only a little more than a year. You might kill a child with almond extract. The reason you can't use the oragel without the parents permission is to protect the child - not to allow you to come up with random forms of treatment without their knowledge.


I have to agree with the other comment here. I think home remedies are for parents to choose to use on their children, not care providers. The only time this should be ok is when you ask the parent and get a written note saying it is to be given to their child. I have 4 children, and while I might try this at some point if teething was a real problem, I would not want a caregiver just giving things with alcohol (any ammount) to my child.


I agree COMPLETELY! Its a rule for a reason to not use orajel without parents permission, so what makes anyone think that they can use one of their own home remidies?! Besides not knowing what a child might be allergic to. Shame on you and the child care center you worked at! I have 3 Children and if I want to use that in my own home so be it, but if anyone ever used that on my child without my concent I would do everything in my power to get everyone fired!

chelsey: Mom Against Alcohol dependancy

You repulse me for even having the thought of wanting to give a child some form of alcohol to remedy a childs pain! Are you an advocate for dependency on alcohol or brain damage of a child? Even the smallest amount of alcohol can KILL an infant or toddler, and you WORK for a CHILD CARE FACILITY!!!! This method has actually killed over 175,000 children in the last 2 years!! Obviuosly you haven't googled for this information or you'd know

ghetto ite

wow, i didn't know children died from alcohol poisoning every year.
That's crazy


My mom used to do this too except it was with straight whiskey... yes I know its crazy but it works well! Dip your finger in the whiskey dry it off until it is just damp! Rub into gums... Don't do it every twenty seconds obiviously! but every once in a while when nothing else seems to work, its okay.


That is the craziest thing that i have ever heard. I cant believe that u work for a child care facility and u can get away with that... hopefully u get caught now!!!!


I totally agree. I am disgusted that any day care can get away with this. They should be closed down. I would lose it if I found out this was being given to my child. This is no different than drugging a baby. How do you sleep at night. If you need to give a child alcohol to deal with them you shouldn't be working in a day care. I don't imagine you'll say which day care this is?


Thank you so much!!!!I am going to try this and hope it works because absolutely NOTHING seems to be working!!as for all of these absurd rude comments from these people,I would not worry too much I myself used to work at a daycare facility and the DIRECTOR/OWNER herself would recommend vanilla extract.some people can be so dramatic about the stupidest things and I'm glad you had it known that you yourself have used this remedy.


I don't know if you have kid's but obviously you shouldn't have any. I have 3 kid's myself and I'm 24 year's old but I would never be stupid to give my children who are teething anything with alcohol. Y'all shouldn't even be around children at all.

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