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i'm 21 and have been suffering from severe ear congestion and earaches ever since i was 2. doctors assumed i would grow out of it, but because i have underdeveloped ear canals i never have (and most likely never will). after seeing many doctors including several specialists, and even being recommended fur recontructive ear canal surgery, i had pretty much given up.

a friend recommended ear candles to me. i have never been one to try 'alternative treatment' but after my ears being clogged for almost a month, i decided that it couldn't hurt. i tried them, skeptical of course, and after doing them my left ear was cleared in half an hour, the right ear cleared shortly after.

i know that there is some controversy on ear candles and their negative and positive qualities, but if you're in a position like i was, i would strongly suggest trying them. the idea that ear candles pulls wax out of your ears is a myth. the debris you see inside of the candle is actually just debris from the burning process. they are shaped like a small cone whit a thin opening at the bottom. the smoke travels down through the cone and into your ear. i'm not sure exactly how this helps, but it does. i know it doesn't work for everyone but it certainly did for me.

i know how paiful and frustrating ear congestion can be, so i hope that you find this information helpful.

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I have tried everything even the candles and my ear is still congested. Are there any suggestions? It is driving me crazy!!!

Say no to ear candles!

Ear candles are a crock and they are dangerous too. Here is my story.
I followed the directions to the letter. My left ear went fine - although the goop that was in the left over candle looked like the wax from the candle.
My right ear is another story all together. Hot wax dripped down the candle into my ear. When this happened I flung the ear candle and it burned and oozed on the carpet where it landed. With one hand I am patting out fire, the other I am digging in my ear.
For about 6 months I had a chunk of wax in my ear - I was too embarrassed to go to the doctor. 'Yeah, I put a flaming rag in my ear, Doc...'
Anyway, for about 6 months I suffered through having weird 'kush kush' sounds in that ear and diminished hearing - knowing full well it was from that chunk of wax. One day my ear tickled and I used a cotton swab and what did I pull out of my ear? A HUGE PIECE OF CANDLE WAX! There was even a tiny fibre in it from the rag.
I would never recommend someone put a flaming rag in their ear, I'm not even sure why I thought it sounded like a good idea at the time.


Nay say as you must - my dad gets wax buildup in his ears so badly that it destroys his equilibrium, makes him vomit uncontrollably and unable to walk - he has to crawl. After a few times of going to the doctor for this and the doctor using a waterpik to get the wax out, someone suggested the ear candles. Now, when he starts to feel his balance getting messed up, he cleans his ears with the candles and is fine for months longer until he needs it again. The wax in his were definitely from his ear - my mom used some and her wax is a different color and consistency than his. Turns out, we each have our own kind of ear wax and this will show you what yours is. I wouldn't use it for congestion which is related to allergies, it's simply for the wax buildup and the heat creates a suction that pulls the wax up the tube. My dad couldn't live without them now.


I swear by ear candling, and it is not a myth it certainly does pull the wax out. It works fantastic !!


so glad ear candels are being pulled the market! besides being dangerous their deceptive. the wax you see left over in the stub isnt from your ear like theyed like you to think rather just from the candle itself!


Ridiculous! Don't be gullible enough to try this, it can be dangerous in a number of ways, and it Doesn't do a thing other than look dramatic. If you see 'debris', that doesn't mean it's ear wax, and if your ear does unclog after messing with this stupid old wives remedy, it's pure coincidence.


If mild suction is what will work for someone who has 'ear congestion', there are other ways to apply it other than 'flaming candles'. Think a small unit with electric pump/motor is sold specifically for such 'treatment'.

I took a small aquarium pump and adapted it, so it sucks through a small diameter tube. (Originally it only blew through a small tube.) But it has only provided minimal relief from 'ear congestion' in the several times it has been applied thus far.

Also note: any such suction should be rather gentle, or damage may be inflicted.

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