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i have a remedy for foot odor,take 4 tea bags,place them in a pot,just like if you were going to fix tea.let the water get warm enough,let the tea bags sit for 15 mins.pour the tea into a large bowl,place one foot at a time in the bowl and let sit for 20 will not have no more foot odor problems for at least 6 months.

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great i tried it last night now my girlfriend can sit in the same room as me.


Thank you so much for this idea. My son is almost two and has the worst smelling feet that you could even possibly imagine for a toddler. We were giving him three baths a day to help with the smell but it was only a short-term fix. He has a lot of allergies and has very sensitive skin that gets irritated very easily, this is something that I wasn't afraid of him having a reaction to and it worked wonderfully. He is now a happy toddler who isn't afraid to play with his feet and now says 'no stinkies' in reference to his feet. Once again thank you so very much for this remedy it saved my son from future embarrassment due to foot odor since we now know a natural and effective way to take care of it.


i'm going to try this!
i really hope it works.
it sucks being 17 and having stinkyy feet.
i'm always scared i'm going to be stuck in a situation where i'm hangin out with
a boy and i have to take my shoes off!
i'll let you know if this workss.

again, thank you!


Im a 16 year old girl and i dread taking my shoes off, i really and truely hope this works, thanks for the idea! I will let you know if it works:)


Just done an exfoliating sea salt rub, followed by the 20 minute tea bag soak which showed up all the dry and loose skin in a brown tea stained colour! So I exfoliated with a metal foot rubber and now my feet look and smell gorgeous! I really do have terribly bad smelling feet and often even after washing thoroughly they still smell. They haven't been odour free like this for a long, long time. I hope this works long term, but it was so relaxing I'd have no problem fitting this in weekly! The real test is a day's work in shoes though!


actually, 2 tea bags is more than enough, but i think it depends on how bad the feet is :) tried it with 2 tea bags and it works:)


wat kind of tea bags?I there any flavour?


Can it be any type of tea? Caffeine or decaf?


do we need to change the shoes too?as maybe the bacteria was still in the shoes and it may give a smelly foot again...


Isn't this the recipe for Snapple iced tea?

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