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Wash eyes with baby shampoo. Let the soap get into your eyes, it will not burn b/c it is baby shampoo. This will kill the germs causing the stye!

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I can't imagine. Has anyone actually tried this? Eewww.


I've actually heard that remedy from quite a few mothers doing this for their kids. What have you got to lose besides that pesky stye?


I have tried this and it works! But it only works when you first start feeling the symptoms (the itch and a little pain) once the stye is huge, it doesn't take it away!


Ok I can honestly say I've tried this let me first and fore most clear the air by saying YES IT DOES HURT! That is direct soap on ur eye it says tear free because NORMALLY by the time it gets in ur eye is mixed with water so it's dilluted

With that being said I did find some relief with this method I can't say it's what 'cured ' it because I was doing some other things at the time to help it too but I did find a little bit of relief afterwards


Still think one would want to use shampoo that is watered down some before rubbing in eye.

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