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Gabi - Woodbridge

After a couple desperate attempts to tame the eczema on my baby's legs (cortizone,benadryl,lanacane), I read some of the articles here and implemented the at-home remedies I found listed. This is what worked for me.
An oatmeal bath 2x day (Aveeno). At nightly bath I integrated in small parts a 1/2 cup of olive oil mixed with a tsp. turmeric into the oatmeal bath. I spooned the mixture directly onto the affected areas and gently rubbed it into sore areas. The remainder I added to the bathwater.
After a good soak and while the area was still moist I rubbed legs with plain olive oil and dressed the legs in loose fitting cotton pants. (Natural materials seem less likely to provoke onset of rashes)

Results: After two days the rash is almost invisible and the welts have gone down considerably. Will continue to apply as needed.

...Which goes to show a little holistic medicine never does hurt!

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Jenna R - Tx

I have been doing come research into alligator oil. I know this sounds a little strange but I think you should look at it.


I saw a noticable difference after a got done with the bath. The only problem is that my bath tub is now stained.


Ive had this diseas for a couple years and the frst thing that my mom did(im 14) was give me an oatmeall bath, it did NOT work, it made it worse and was immediatly rushed to the hospital i was COVERED in the rash from head to toe,i would recomend NOT to use the OATMEAL bath.its possible it COULD make it worse.It was so horrible, i couldnt slep at night, and i missed many days of schools with visits to the doctors from one oatmeal bath,OUCH!

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