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A few years ago while draining some pasta, I accidentally poured the boiling water over one of my hands. Needless to say it blistered and the blisters eventually ruptured leaving raw, painful sores. My mother put some Epsom Salts into a bowl of very warm, too warm (almost hot) for comfort water and had me soak my hand in this water. Within 24 hours the open sores had scabbed over and the pain was gone. After a week the had was almost healed and a month later there was no scarring.
I have used this method since on other burns with the same results but did not wait for the blister to burst and leave a raw sore.

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THis makes sence, for minor burns I am using kitchen salt right away, first wet the burn little bit so that salt can stick to it, for best results keep it above heat source (this will hurt a bit)but couple of minutes of pain is better than hours or even days of pain,scars and blisters. As soon as pain is gone you can wash salt of.

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