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Oregano. I woke up this morning with the worst ache from a back tooth cavity ever!! I also tried to get some sleep but couldnt, since it hurt so bad. So, I tried placing some Oregano flakes on my tooth like I did last year, and I feel NOTHING right now. Last time I tried it, I was able to eat and drink for FIVE DAYS with NO PAIN!! I also mixed warm water, salt and Oregano in a cup and swished that, It helps for about the same length of time as well. Hope this helps. Believe me, if no one knows how worse that cavity pain is, I do. *smile*

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Mike W.

I was in more pain than I could endure no less try and sleep at 1:00pm. I drove 30 min to 24hr Pharmacy and got oragel max and it did nothing. After 2 hours of pain I got on the internet and found this posting. I packet a little on tooth and it felt better. Rinsed with hot water, salt and Oregano and then packed a wad of the life saving Herb in my mouth and I was out of pain and the throbbing was gone. God Bless You!!!!!!!


Thank you for the idea, I read the initial post and decided to head to the kitchen for a good chew! I came back to the computer to read the rest of the comments. By the time I was done reading them, the toothache was gone. Bless your soul!

Jassyfrom nyc

wow i thought this was just stupid but i just tried it omg it really does work!!!THANKS


Wow thanks so much! All the dentists are closed and I was dying.. this really helped! Thank you!


this didnt work for me i washed my mouth out with it for 10 mins and it still hurts Clove oil normaley works for me but i carnt get hold of any thanks anyway


oh my jeez!!! i tried this and it worked immidelity!!! Thanks SOOO Much.

toothache girl. lol

omg, thanks so much ut works. i never thoght it would, thanks again..


OMG IT REALLY FREAKIN WORKED IMMEDIATELY!! I was up every two hours taking 4 advil and rx pain medicine with no relief, my tooth is broken with the nerve exposed and infected, have to wait for antibiotics to work before getting it removed. So with it open I was scared but it really helped. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


holy shit, I've been in so much pain these last few days w/ a back tooth cavity, that I can not even enjoy life, I would rather be dead..this better work or I'm considering death..thanks!

my toof hurts

Well I read about the vanilla extract was going to try that but no vanilla extract so I looked and I have oregano so I'm going to try this but first I am trying my suboxone to see if it helps any..Already took 2 ibuprofen 500's so hopefully with the oregano I will be able to sleep.Will post later letting you know my results..:(

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