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Oregano. I woke up this morning with the worst ache from a back tooth cavity ever!! I also tried to get some sleep but couldnt, since it hurt so bad. So, I tried placing some Oregano flakes on my tooth like I did last year, and I feel NOTHING right now. Last time I tried it, I was able to eat and drink for FIVE DAYS with NO PAIN!! I also mixed warm water, salt and Oregano in a cup and swished that, It helps for about the same length of time as well. Hope this helps. Believe me, if no one knows how worse that cavity pain is, I do. *smile*

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Ok so not sure if it was the warm water or the oregano, but the pain went away almost immediatly. I didnt really like the feeling of the flakes in my mouth, I think my next experiment with this will be in cheesecloth and soak it in salt water beforehand. What do you think?


While this didn't take away the pain completely for me, it definitely lessened the severity of it to a bearable point. I used half teaspoon ground oregano, half teaspoon of salt, and a small glass of warm water, swished about 3 mouthfuls for 20 seconds each. The only downfall is, rinsing that salty oregano taste out of your mouth with water afterwards seems to bring the pain back.


well..thanks dear..u r real god/angel for me..I m eight month pregnant and I can't go for any medication bcz it may affect my baby, few mins back I hv just tried ur idea and I think itz working although even now I m lil' bit afraid that the pain may come back..thank u dear..I m highly obliged for this of ur kind act.keep it on.


YOU ARE A GOD!!!! I tried EVERYTHING! I've been suffering from a toothache in two teeth. I tried brushing my teeth with baking soda, rinsing my mouth out with warm salt water, flossing YOU NAME IT. I was in so much pain I was in tears. I googled home remedies for toothache pain and this site came up. I read this post and thought of how ridculous it sounded, but was willing to try ANYTHING. I just grabbed my bottle of dried oregano leaves, and put a pinch on the bottom tooth that hurt so bad, then bit down so my top tooth would get it too, I couldn't believe how fast the pain went away. Although I was afraid to spit it out, in fear that the pain would return, so I left it in my mouth for about ten minutes until I felt brave enough to let it go, and I've been pain free since last night. I even slept like a baby! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!


Thanks a ton! I tried this this morning before I went to work with no luck, I had only put a small pinch of flakes on the tooth and then washed it out about 2minutes later with hotwater/oregano/salt and no luck. I popped half a vicatin and no luck.

However, I just got a break from work and came home, packed a nice fat pinch back on the tooth and between my cheeck and gums, let it sit for 5minutes(on about minute 5 now) and no pain. Im going to let it sit another minute or so before getting it out but the pain is going away. I thought I was going to die. The pain was killer.

Thanks again. I didnt think it would work but it did.


Wow! It worked...i tried the first remedy...gargle with baking soda and water, well that did not I trid the oregano..all i had was the powder..I put some on my tooth , then mixed some salt, oregano and warm water..and gargled...It worked!!!Thanks

Dave 'Joy of the Mountain' (the greek meaning of Oregano).

I was walking around the house at 3:00 AM suffering from the worst toothache pain imaginable. I was in so much agony I was trying to come up with a way to pass out, or else use an ice skate and a rock like Tom Hanks in Castaway. The relief I got from mixing a little Oregano with lukewarm salt water was incredible. I was able to get some sleep for the first time in two days. The relief for me lasted about 4 to 6 hours - but it was amazing. I was free of pain! I just kept repeating every 4 to 6 hours until I could get to my dentist for a root canal. Thanks to all who passed on this incredible remedy. It beat overdosing on double strength Tylenol and any amount of Orogel. Normal adult doses of extra strength Tylenol along with the Oregano was even better.


didnt work!!!


I'm so glad I was able to help many of you out! I learned of this remedy because if a Greek class in high school. Oregano is something that was used for so many things especially when organic-that's when it was an anesthetic believe it or not...:-)

I'm grateful to have made so many people happy. I will continue to spread my knowledge graciously!



This is great.It really works. Thank you so much.

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