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Oregano. I woke up this morning with the worst ache from a back tooth cavity ever!! I also tried to get some sleep but couldnt, since it hurt so bad. So, I tried placing some Oregano flakes on my tooth like I did last year, and I feel NOTHING right now. Last time I tried it, I was able to eat and drink for FIVE DAYS with NO PAIN!! I also mixed warm water, salt and Oregano in a cup and swished that, It helps for about the same length of time as well. Hope this helps. Believe me, if no one knows how worse that cavity pain is, I do. *smile*

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so far this is working.....the pain was getting so bad and I don't take narcotics because I am in recovery, so I was looking around this website for some sort of relief.....I am also biting down on a garlic clove......the pain is subsiding, and hopefully I will make it until I go to the dentist next week....


Oh my God ! the oregano worked so fast thanks you so much my tooth was just killing me and my dentist is out of the country til end of the month now i can hold out til he returns what a great site so glad i looked thanks again


of course i didnt have what was needed but i used warm salt water and clover powder and so far its much better.. i have been dying for a week. and i dont have insurance to go to the denist but i think its time to bite the bullet and do i anyways I like my sleep


instant relief! thanx!


I do not usually believe in this hippy bull, but his really works. I experienced the worst tooth ache, like an exposed nerve was on fire. I wanted to stick up a pharmacy for oxicontin, I tried all the over the counter medicine, including excedrin, severe pain oragel, and a fair amount of whiskey. Nothing worked. Then I read this and packed a bunch of oregano in my cheek like red man chew and five to ten minutes later all the pain was gone.


well ...this is just fucking great, I tried this tree-huggin' shit and now I have a toothache and dragon breath


Oregano Oil is the best with less mess than the flakes. Just put one or two drops on a Q-tip and rub it over the infected gum or tooth. Works wonders. I have also been taking Activated Charcoal capsules which draws out the toxins in your body. As well as packing my tooth in an activated charcoal poulstice wrapped in gauze or cheesecloth and sleep with it overnight. I mixed Activated charcoal (break open a few capsules), Oil of Oregano (1-2 drops), liquid bentonite clay-mix together to make a thick paste and scoop into a gauze or piece of cheesecloth and stick it up in the gum where it is infected. Hope this helps many as much as it did me.


I was skeptical at first, but the pain was getting to be very unbearable so I tried this remedy. I took chopped oregano leafs and rubbed it around the tooth and literally within one minute the pain started to subside. I am feeling relieved right now. Thanks for your post.


I had my husband to try this and he did not get any relief at all.


i first tried the clove remedy- with no positive results--then decided to try this oregano flake recipe-(without salt water- i do not have salt in my house due to high blood pressure condition )-amazingly it worked! i just packed oregano flakes in my mouth around my aching toothe and within 5-10 min. the severe pain subsided-it has been 2 days later and still no pain--i am on vacation from work and did not want to spend my days off from work in a dentist office---ty--for this great home remedy--and for buying me time to schedule an appointment w/the dentist

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