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Oregano. I woke up this morning with the worst ache from a back tooth cavity ever!! I also tried to get some sleep but couldnt, since it hurt so bad. So, I tried placing some Oregano flakes on my tooth like I did last year, and I feel NOTHING right now. Last time I tried it, I was able to eat and drink for FIVE DAYS with NO PAIN!! I also mixed warm water, salt and Oregano in a cup and swished that, It helps for about the same length of time as well. Hope this helps. Believe me, if no one knows how worse that cavity pain is, I do. *smile*

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greatful person

wow, thank you sooo much i just tried it!!!! ive tried EVERYTHING and nothing worked!!! this numbed mine pain right away! so thank you very much, you just made one person very happy!


Hmmm very interesting. Combined with the garlic from another persons suggestion and the oregano... the pain has eased, add some pasta and some sauce and well, dinner served. *smile*

Thanks so much!


thank u soo much the pain went away im so happy


I am ready to give you my first born. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I am studying for my state licensing exam, it's next week. I'm already behind in studying, don't have a second to spare to get to the dentist. But the pain in my tooth that just appeared out of the blue yesterday had just gotten worse and worse and much more bothersome and was distracting me from studying. Then I tried your home remedy. WOW! Boy is it working, and you are totally right, I am able to eat and drink without feeling a thing. Some of the other remedies are good, but they don't help with eating and drinking like this. I put the oregano leaves on my tooth, then a bit later, I gargled with the warm water, salt, and oregano. I am feeling no pain right now, and this will get me through next week. You have my unending gratitude. You're a true lifesaver.


WOW thank you sooo much, three days of non stop pain and now nothing. You are a god for posting this helpful remedy. Who would have thought that water salt and oregano would stop such a huge pain. thank you again. P.S and thanks to my loving wife for finding this post.


All I can say is You Are My Favorite person!!!! I had a pain in my tooth that actually had me thinking the only way out was hanging myself!! THANK YOU!!


I honestly can't believe it, but after trying this my tooth ache went away. I have been in terrmendious pain since Friday evening, and I finially have some relief. Thank you so much. :)


My eight year old son had a tooth that needed some filling and it hurt him real bad after having a chocolate chip cookie. I gave him this and he was good in less than 5 minutes..:)


Ok i tried this and it worked...kinda my toothache is gone but if i touch my tooth i know my tooth ache will come back....does anyone know a remedy for that??? so i cant even feel the pain on my tooth???


Thank you. I have tried everything for 5 days and the oregano trick worked! It had a disgusting taste and I gagged on the leaves but that is certainly worth it to me to take away that heinous tooth pain!!!!!! I will keep this in my file.

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