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1 tsp of grond cinnimon add with
1 tsp of fresh lemon juice
mix til dark paste
then after washing your face apply to pimples (effected areas)it will sting for a little cus of the lemon %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
plz coment and tell me how you went

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yes this is a good method


i have it on while im typing this comment and it doesnt seem to be burning. this better work, it looks like shit, smells like heaven nd is hardly burning.......


I Just Tryed This...
And It Really Sting My Face.
It Burn So Bad...Now My Face Is Red.


thxs so much i used this stuff only a week once a day and i so worked right before the dance. got scab but fell off o yea mine stung like CrAZY though it worked god bless ;p


Ohh hell shiet!!!! This herts like hell!!!!


How long does it take for the pimple to go away?


Omg I m doin it right now wow does this stuff hurt I hope it works though


Oh geez. it hurts so bad.. i try it now i hope it works. cross finger. >.<

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