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1 tsp of grond cinnimon add with
1 tsp of fresh lemon juice
mix til dark paste
then after washing your face apply to pimples (effected areas)it will sting for a little cus of the lemon %%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%
plz coment and tell me how you went

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well,let me start off saying it smells sooo good! and it does sting ALOT the first 10 minutes, but after that its barely noticable, i watched the first 30 minutes of a novie while waiting, then i washed my face with warm water.

AND it was ALOT better, but kinda red so i but some lotion on it to take care of the redness.

AND im gonna do it again in a few hours.


how long am i supposed to leave it on for?


due to all the comments i want to try this one but i dont bout the stinging bit that sounds painful. the only the thing im worried bout is killing these sukers



this stuff burns really badly.
hopefully it'll leave my face clear.


ok it does not hurt at all!!!! and it works realy well!!!!!!!!!! thankyou.


can you use lime juice instead????????
Please answer quick


what is it supposed to do'? i tryed it and it made my pimples bigger so i picked them NOW THEY ARE HUGE??? what was supposed to happen!?


HOLY SHIT it freakin STINGS!...only for the first like 5 min.. then you dont even know its there... i left it on for about 30 min. and saw results right away! My face was smooth as a baby's bottom:) they didnt hurt anymore and most of the redness was gone... im going to try it again tomorrow!! DEFINATLY WORTH IT!! TRY IT! thanks!:)


I've felt worse but it does burn i have it on now so i am waiting to see the results.


it stings so much. i have it on now, i hope the pain is worth it

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