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First i will give you my remedy then my story!

You take......
4 BIG Tablespoons of garlic
some water
some olive oil enough to fully cover the bottom of a sauce pan
chop up some onion
let it simmer (stir occasionally) until the garlic looks chunky and dry then strain the juice into a bowl or cup and use an eye dropper or siringe and put it into your ear hold your head sideways for about 5-10 min.

My story......
this is the first ear ache i have had in my 21 years of life and it was AWEFUL.... the worst part is i have no insurance i got online and found this web site while i was searching everyone kept saying how the onion was good for this, garlic good for this, sweet oil (olive oil) soothed but, no one conbined those things so i tried it and it works FANTASTIC i will swear by it from now on!i am not a believer in the whole herbs thing but, this has definately changed my mind and i truely hope and know it will work for you or whom ever! i hope it works and you/they get better!

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Nice recipe, however, the spelling could use a remedy!


'Nice recipe, however, the spelling could use a remedy!'

Perfect response! I was under the impression she was cooking as well.
I am going to pass on this this little home remedy of hers.
I barely cook as it is. If I won't cook to feed myself then why on earth would I want to cook to for an ear infection?
Absurd. This is incredulous.


Why do you attack people for spelling? Her spelling has no affect or effect (which is it) on whether this remedy works or not. Some people are not “English majors” but they have important things to say, and should not be lambasted over their spelling, you could be missing a message that although my not be “proper” maybe important to someone else.


true dat




I have done the same thing using just the garlic and olive oil. It works almost everytime. I will try it this way next time and see what happens. Thanks for the info and I didn't even notice the spelling but I did get the message.


There is an 'ear oil' called Wally's Famous Ear oil...a blend of all those ingredients plus more. It has saved my two little ones from getting ear infections. I've used it too. Best to do all this stuff BEFORE it gets to the aching part. When you get a sinus infection...start putting Wally's in your ears. It helps the fluid drain and reduces infection in any fluid that does build up. We have Wally's on hand always.


Oh, forgot to say: you can get Wally's Famous Ear Oil at Drug Emporium or search for it online at


I was the one who submitted the recipe and wanted to say it wasn't just regular olive oil it was SWEET olive oil from walmart! And i just wanted to defend myself and thank the people that stuck up for me! WHO cares what my spelling was like! i was sitting there just trying to get over a killer ear ache. i'm trying to help ease your pain and all you can do is worry about my spelling! get a life and learn to be nice to others how are trying to help you!


I did this with just Olive Oil and Garlic and it freakin works.

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