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I'd like to add another nod to clove oil (Eugenol).

I haven't had dental insurance, so I haven't been to the dentist in 3-4 years. I just bought a bare bones policy ($500 first year maximum) with no waiting periods since I figure it'll be better than nothing, but I need to wait till March for the policy to start.

About a year ago I started getting a large hole in a back molar that hurt like hell. I started using the oragel and listerine. After awhile the pain subsided and like an idiot I opted to ignore the fact I still had an ever growing hole in my back tooth. Now half the tooth is gone and the pain just came back ten times worse than it was before. My entire right jaw throbs and it feels like there's shooting pain through the majority of the teeth on that side.

Tylenol did squat. Ibuprophen does help, but I'm taking 600mg every 4-5 hours, and by the time the pain starts coming back, and I take the ibuprophen, it's a good half hour of agony before the pills kick in and the pain subsides. The oragel just wasn't cutting it.

I read about eugenol and found some at the store I work (we don't sell the red cross but dentemps toothache kit and crown saver has a little bottle in there of the clove oil).

The first time I used it I thought that there was no way it could be worth the burning and the taste. But I was convinced in 10 minutes with the pain had already subsided and there was just slight pain in the bad tooth rather than all through the right side of my mouth. 10 minutes after that the tooth itself didn't hurt. I could even bite down on it with no pain.

The pain relief lasts a good hour and half. Couple that with ibuprophen taken reguluarly, and the pain is minimal and under control.

Be careful with the clove oil. I got it on the side of my lips from the swab's stick having a little on it when I dipped it in the bottle and it literally burned the skin there.

Still worth it though.

One more tip that worked for me-- two weeks ago, before I tried using clove oil, I was at class and the tooth was going nuts. I already had taken 3 ibuprophen and I didn't have any toothache medicine with me (now I travel with emergency oragel swabs in my pocket). I had another class right after, so in between classes in desperation I grabbed a pack of winterfresh gum. The intense mint did sooth the tooth enough for me to function through the class till I could get home. It wasn't a huge help, but it did ease a bit of the pain.

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