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Use the warmed juice of mango leaves as ear drops.

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Make sure you are not allergic to mangos. My cousin is so allergic to mangos that if she even touches one she turns red all over and swells up. In some people, mangos can cause a very serious allergic reaction so make sure you are not allergic to them before you put them in your ear or mouth.


the oil in mango leaves and skin is an extreme irritant! It is the same oil that gives you a rash from poison ivy and poison oak. Keep this stuff away from you!


WHO is VOTING on these things? Is a 1 the best or a 10? Really? A Freaking '5' for something that is like poison ivy? WHY would you vote a '5' for that? It SHOULD be a ZERO. Sounds to me like someone is messing with people which is a really SICK thing to do when people are suffering and trying to HELP themselves. Hope this poster DROWNS in a POOL of Mango Oil!

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