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Here's a fun one- For a home lip pump, put a fraction of a drop of clove oil on a Q-tip, and apply to your lips. This is the best lip pump I have ever seen, and I've tried countless store-bought ones. Not only does it make you lips plump, pink, and soft, but when you remove it your lips continue to feel moisturized and smooth.

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Wikipedia states:

'It [clove oil] is considered safe in very small quantities (<1500 p.p.m.) as a food additive. However, clove oil is highly toxic to human cells at relatively low (.03% v/v) concentrations. It is unapproved for any topical or oral use in the United States. If ingested in sufficient quantity or injected, it has been shown to cause life-threatening complications, including Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome, Fulminant Hepatic (Liver) Failure, and Central Nervous System Depression.'


I wish i had known about this property of clove oil before i dyed my hair with it. I had a bad reaction, my lips swelled up- they were already huge, now i look like jessica simpson after she had that restylane fail!!!


I'm actually rather shocked that one would use straight clove oil on their lips as its burn factor is incredible! You can seriously damage the nerve endings in your mouth and because it burns it would have a tremendous drying factor rather than moisturizing....
It is used in minute doses in a lot of lip plump products currently on the market, so at the very least I would suggest cutting it with a balm. AND lastly the taste is horrible. So don't lick your pucker or try to kiss someone you love!

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