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Just say to yourself, 'in acceptance is peace'. If you're angry about something you can't do anything about, then to accept it will bring you inner peace and help you move on. No sense in battling something over and over in your mind when in reality you have no control over it.

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Good advice... I'll use it next time I read a stupid home remedy that clearly will not work.


Thanks for this..This is really helping me a bunch..I have to learn that I can't control everything in life!


You need to watch the Seinfeld episode where George's Dad uses the phrase, 'Serenity Now, Serenity Now' every time he was starting to get upset. Not a great idea! You can live in pretend for a while, but eventually you have to face your demons. You may be able to pretend and ignore your anger now, but it will just build and build, until... eventually it will come out 10 fold...I think that's called going postal. What I do is freak out when I'm mad and let it all out, my friends know not to take it personal and then I feel much better. I don't know (nor want to know) what would happen if I held it all in. Good luck with that, I hope I don't see you on the news after a killing spree, lol.


Your right, Keeping all your anger in just makes things worse over time. I agree with you, just et it all out n your friends, mine have learnt just to ignore it as it isn't really aimed at them.

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