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I'm no baby, I deal with constant tooth pain--several teeth that need work-- but there comes a time when the infection gets so bad that you have to do something.

Here are a few things that have worked for me from time to time. None of them last for weeks, but they help until you can get to a dentist or emergency room for pain meds.

First is the asprin. Placing one on the tooth/infected area will bring down fever and swelling that results from infection. Take caution, however, using this method in excess will eat away at the enamel of your tooth and cause small ulcers on gums and inner cheek.

Second is the Ibuproferin. My dentist informed me that I could take three regular strength tabs. at the time, six hours apart. Try to take them on an empty stomach (work faster), and wait half an hour before eating.

Maximum Strength liquid ambesol works well for a few moments. (sometimes long enough to fall asleep, after tossing and turning.) My tooth is decayed and infected a great deal, so it felt as though it was burning for a moment. When the burning feeling went away, I spit it out. The Numbness lasted about eight mins.

Wrinsing with either Peroxide (follow instructions on bottle) or warm salt water (make the salt water as hot as you can stand it, and disolve as much salt as will melt into the water.... maybe add a bit more) works well, too. After the salt water, I sometimes have to use an ice pack on my cheek, but it does help kill the infection. Also, Cepacol mouth wash helps at times.

A crushed clove of garlic helps me when it seems that even the Ibuproferin will not. When the infection builds up a tollerance to almost everything else I can throw at it (w/o a doctor), I pack that side of my mouth with a couple crushed cloves of garlic. You may want to cut them in half, and press them into cavities. The Juices from the garlic are natural antibiotics. It may taste and smell pretty strong, but if you brave it, you'll feel much better. Beware, if the infection is extremely bad, sometimes small bumps will swell up on the gums and inner cheek. They are much less painful than the infection that was there before. My Filipino Mother-In-Law offered this advice after I'd spent three days out of work with a tooth ache that had me rolling in bed at night and crying all day, clawing at my cheek... Trust me, I've been there.

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Thank you so much. I tried the clove garlic and it worked. I could not sleep and was in so much pain that not even Codine would help kill it so I thought I would try it. Thanks a lot and I pray I can get some sleep now.


You are a lifesaver! TY! I have awful teeth and after an failed attempt at a 2 hour root canal I am left with no insurance and constant flare ups in what remains of my tooth. I rinsed w/ peroxide and tried the garlic and I have no pain...took down swelling...completel bliss! TY so much!


Taking ibuprofen on an empty stomach causes ulcers.


The garlic really did work instantly it burned a lil but it was sooooo worth it, my back tooth is chipped & I couldn't sleep, but the cut up garlic pushed into the tooth works 100%

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