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The popular home remedy for which there is little justification is to dab nail polish on the welt. This cannot 'smother' the chigger because it has not burrowed into your skin, and it was probably scratched off long ago. The only benefit to applying a thick coat of nail polish is that it helps to remind you not to scratch the bite.

Only the larvae are known to attack humans. They pierce the skin and inject into the host a salivary secretion containing powerful, digestive enzymes that break down skin cells that are ingested (tissues become liquefied and sucked up). Also, this digestive fluid causes surrounding tissues to harden, forming a straw-like feeding tube of hardened flesh from which further, partially-digested skin cells may be sucked out. After a larva is fully fed in four days, it drops from the host, leaving a red welt with a white, hard central area on the skin that itches severely and may later develop into dermatitis. Any welts, swelling, itching, or fever will usually develop three to six hours after exposure and may continue a week or longer. If nothing is done to relieve itching, symptoms may continue a week or more. Scratching a bite may break the skin, resulting in secondary infections. Chiggers are not known to transmit any disease in the United States.

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thank you. it's good to hear the truth about chigger bites!


Wife got calamine lotion wow that works the best - got about 230 bites!


Good info. The clear nail polish answer will never go away, will it?


My son had 'chigger bites' when he came home from being out on some triba land in Missouri.
After the larvae was fed in 4 days, he did get the wet, very itchy and the whitehead. Hes ony 5 yrs old and woud scream each time he sat down or anded on his butt. It was awful. Finay I hed him down and squeezed out the larvae.
It was a dark yellow colored pus, a good amount. It really helped him have relief. How gross.


Straight off the government website!! Sweet....Plagarism

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