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Is your dog not able to go to the bathroom because he ate something or is stoped up? Give the dog a half can of pumpkin. Keep giving to him until able to use the bathroom.

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I haven't had to try this, but I have also been told this by my vet and also a dog trainer.


I haven't had to use this BUT I have seen it done. I'm a huge animal nut and have MANY I watch animal vets on TV a lot and they used it on there one show to help a ferrit. It seems that the pumpkin (pie filler is fine) is REALLY high in fiber and (sweet to taste and liked) gets results rather quickly. The poor ferrit ate an eraser...LOL. The pumpkin saved the poor thing from surgery! ha ha!


This also works wonders for cats with stubborn constipation and also cats with Mega-Colon. It kept my SunShine kitty alive for almost 2 years until he had to have colon surgery. He was a rescue and found his colon was 5 times larger than it should have been. It took me a while to come up with the thousand plus dollars for his surgery which was 100% successful. He still eats his pumpkin with raw diet and is active 71/2 years since surgery.


I wouldn't say to use half a can. Dogs differ greatly. My dog only needed two teaspoons! To give him half a can would be dangerous! Also, not good to use pie filler. All that sugar is not good for dogs, and it contains less pumpkin due to all the extra pie ingredients.

One thing that works well: Buy a jack-be-little pumpkin; cut a whole in the top (like you would a carving pumpkin); remove the seeds and pulp; add some water to a baking dish; place the pumpkin hole side down in the water and bake til tender.

After it is baked, use tongs and a spatula to carefully move it to a plate to cool. Once cooled, scoop out a teaspoon at a time for little dogs, a tablespoon at a time for medium sized dogs, and for big dogs give half at a time. For extremely large dogs, 2 little pumpkins might be needed.

No matter what the dog size, it is best to give bit by bit in the case your dog's system can't tolerate it.

I mean, these are our babies. Would we drink a whole bottle of laxative if only a small portion is needed?

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